Gimota AG and CADENAS revolutionize the configuration of connectors

Innovative partnership for digital product catalogs

Gimota AG, a renowned manufacturer of connectors, has teamed up with CADENAS eCATALOGsolutions to develop an innovative digital product catalog and configurator. This groundbreaking tool will not only be available on Gimota's corporate website, but will also be integrated into all relevant online portals. The aim is to offer customers an improved and more intuitive selection of product options.

The new configurator is characterized by its modular and rule-based configuration of connectors. Customers can now assemble individual connectors according to their specific requirements. This flexibility enables a precise and efficient selection that is tailored precisely to the user's needs.

3D visualization and automated adjustments increase user-friendliness

Another outstanding feature of the digital tool is the integrated 3D viewer. With this feature, customers can generate a realistic 3D preview of their configured products. This not only significantly improves the user experience by providing a visual confirmation of the product design before ordering, but also helps to avoid potential configuration errors.

The automatic generation of the matching counterpart is particularly innovative. As soon as a connector is configured, the system automatically creates the corresponding counterpart. This function guarantees that all components fit together perfectly, which increases the safety and functionality of the products.

Pioneering innovation for the future

The partnership between CADENAS eCATALOGsolutions and Gimota AG sets new standards in the digitization of product catalogs. By combining advanced technology and in-depth industry knowledge, they offer a solution that not only increases efficiency, but also significantly improves customer satisfaction. With this step, Gimota AG once again confirms its position as a leading innovator in the connector technology industry.

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