Grand Rapids Controls Launch BOWDEN CABLEBUILDER Interactive Configurator for Mechanical Control Cables built by CADENAS

New self-service tool provides users with on-demand access to design and download mechanical control cables for their specific application

Grand Rapids Controls (GRC) has recently launched an all new interactive configurator built by CADENAS. The configurator enables GRC customers to design the mechanical control cable they need, directly within the GRC website, This tool reduces design and manufacturing time from weeks to days, while helping lower costs by helping users select GRC standard options which may be less expensive than other choices.

Recognized as a leader in the mechanical cable and actuator industry, GRC worked closely with CADENAS to create a simple and quick solution for engineers to design and prototype mechanical cables online. After configuring the component, a digital 3D model can be downloaded in more than 150 native and neutral CAD formats, for easy placement into the user’s design. Users can also download an interactive 3D PDF datasheet to share with their purchasing department or other non-CAD users.

“The new tool is like having one of our engineers in the room assisting the customer with their design,” says Jim Bradbury, President of Grand Rapids Controls. “The tool gives millions of possible configurations, but also helps to simplify the selection process by directing the customer to which of the choices are standard products, and which are custom. Why should they pay the cost of creating a fully-custom cable, when there is a high quality, lower-cost standard product they can build into their design? With the new GRC configurator the choice is up to them.”

Among the many goals for the interactive configurator is to help Grand Rapids Controls to reach a larger and more diverse audience.

“We are constantly looking for ways to expand our user base, and this tool is key to that,” adds Bradbury. “We are expanding our footprint globally. Since we don’t operate on the same time zone as much of the world, we needed a 24×7 self-service tool. The online interactive configurator fits the bill perfectly; it’s working even while the rest of the company is home asleep. Secondly, we are expanding to more industries. By providing CAD data in 150 CAD formats, we can meet the specific CAD requirements of a larger audience. Finally, we are looking to grow our reach demographically, by connecting with younger engineers within the workforce. We know these customers prefer digital solutions to paper, and are much more comfortable with self-service as opposed to calling and discussing with customer support on the phone. These users love this tool.”

While the digital solution has been well received by end-users, Grand Rapids Controls has leveraged their new interactive configurator to increase speed to market, by vastly reducing their design and production times.

“It’s amazing to see the transformation our digital tools can have on an entire organization,” says Rob Zesch, President and COO of CADENAS PARTsolutions, LLC. “GRC has embraced this technology and used it to take their design and manufacturing turnaround time from 24 days to 4 and a half days. Many companies see an interactive configurator as a marketing and lead-generation tool, but GRC is using theirs to reap benefits across the entire organization.”

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