How did Santa actually come to his sleigh?

And what does the 3D CAD model download portal PARTcommunity have to do with it?

We at CADENAS have our own theory about how Santa came to his sleigh: The guy with the white bushy beard is not stupid. He works efficiently and effectively. How else could he deliver presents to children all over the world on one single evening? And because he does not do so on foot, he has his sleigh and his reindeers. And he obtained his sleigh - smart as he is - quickly and simply from the 3D CAD model download portal PARTcommunity. Here we have got the evidence - see for yourself:

With the 3D CAD model download portal PARTcommunity every wish can be fulfilled

This is easy for Santa: With a 3D sketch and 3D scanner and the intelligent search features of PARTcommunity, existing 3D CAD data from standard and supplier part catalogs are compared with the transport vehicle. When he found the suitable vehicle, he produced the necessary individual components in no time and the sleigh was completed. Now Christmas can come!

Whoever wants to do likewise and start his own sleigh production, can find the 3D CAD model here in all current CAD formats for free download on the 3D CAD download portal PARTcommunity.

If you don‘t need a sleigh but would like to work just as time and cost effective as Santa, you should take a look at the download portal PARTcommunity right now.

PARTcloud as source of inspiration for presents

And whoever is still looking for presents should take a look at PARTcloud: The 3D printing and model sharing platform, very popular among engineers, offers CAD models of self-designed components that can be shared with friends and colleagues and downloaded. How about a pastry cutter in Batman design?

We wish all our customers and their families as well as users of our CADENAS products and services a very Merry Christmas and relaxing holidays. Have a good start into the New Year 2016!


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