How engineers and architects find the right CAD & BIM manufacturer component in times of digitization offers breakthrough search methods to effectively accelerate design and engineering projects offers breakthrough search methods to effectively accelerate design and engineering projects.

Engineers and architects waste an average of 70% of their time searching, configuring and unnecessarily rebuilding components. As a result, thousands of hours are spent each year on work that does not contribute to value creation. When searching for the right component, conventional search engines quickly reach their limits, as they are usually far too general and not focused on the technical area. The visual search engine of the next dimension powered by CADENAS is completely different. It searches billions of 3D CAD & BIM models in over 2300 worldwide available manufacturer catalogs architecture, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and electronics and offers users 8 groundbreaking ideas to find components even faster and easier. The number of available catalogs is also constantly expanding.

The CAD & BIM models of many catalogs are available in over 150 different native and neutral CAD formats, such as Autodesk Revit, Nemetschek ALLPLAN, ArchiCAD, Autodesk Inventor, NX, Solid Edge, PTC Creo Parametric, AutoCAD, CATIA or SOLIDWORKS.

With the following 8 intuitive search methods, engineers and architects can easily find the desired component:

1. Sketch search

Sometimes it can be easier to quickly draw the desired component roughly than to describe it in words. In this case, the visual search engine offers an innovative sketch search that does not require a CAD system.

2. Geometric search

With the help of the geometric search on, engineers and architects can find quickly and easily the desired component based on a reference part or a 3D model roughly sketched in the CAD system. Geometrically similar CAD & BIM manufacturer components are suggested.

3. Color search

For many engineers and architects, the exact color of a component is crucial in the product selection. In this case, within the color search of the search engine, the colors can be selected directly from the predefined fields or an RGB code can be specified. Users then receive a list of CAD & BIM manufacturer components that contain the desired color.

4. Filter search

Another way to find the desired component is the filter search of the search engine Users can define specific categories, search areas or criteria here. In this way, millions of components can be reduced quickly and easily to exactly what is currently needed.

5. Text search

Even the classic text description can in many cases lead architects and engineers to the desired component. In the visual search engine, both individual designations and combinations of terms, such as "hexagon screw", can be entered.

6. Index search

The index search enables users of to find the desired component by means of a hierarchical structure and various classifications. It can be a good start to get an overview of all 3D content offered in the search engine. Predefined search assistants are available for certain parts, which can be adapted to the respective search needs.

7. Grid search

A simple CAD or BIM model with a similar shape can also be used to find the appropriate component. Using the grid search in, the respective parameters can be adjusted directly in the 3D preview until the visible model meets the requirements and similar components can be searched for.

8. Functionality search

Using the functionality search, users can drag one or more functions that the component they are looking for to the search box provided. The search can then be started to find all the parts that are classified according to the selection.

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