How Thomas & Betts Generated 2,500 Digital Product Images with CADENAS

Digital Product Images service creates high quality product images, saving time and money over traditional photography.

Thomas & Betts Generated Digital Product Images by CADENAS

Thomas & Betts recently solved their need for product photography by utilizing CADENAS digital product images service. The solution, which is much less costly than traditional photography provided the electrical component manufacturer with highly accurate product images in a fraction of the time and cost.

The project was initiated by Janet Maroon, e-Commerce Business Analyst at Thomas & Betts, who has experience in the time and expense associated with traditional photography.

“The need arose for high quality visual content, which we could use across our entire digital ecosystem,” says Maroon. “We were on a tight deadline, and photographers can be both time consuming and expensive. Since CADENAS powers our digital product models and parts catalog I contacted them to see if they could help. What they provided was an extremely simple, affordable and elegant solution.”

Thomas & Betts Generated Digital Product Images by CADENAS

Digital Product Images Replace Photography at Thomas & Betts

Formerly manufacturers would have days or weeks involved in more pulling parts from inventory, prepping and cleaning products in the booth, before beginning the tedious process of editing the photos for use.

Maroon adds, “We told CADENAS what we wanted as far as product angles, image sizes, background and lighting. Next thing we knew, we had 2,000 product images sized and positioned perfectly, ready to go.”

In addition to the time and cost savings, there is a significant improvement in visual aesthetics, compared to traditional photography. By utilizing digital data, there are no longer issues with product cleanliness, finish imperfections or unwanted shadows. The digital image clarity and identity of products provides great continuity across all media platforms.

Thomas & Betts Generated Digital Product Images by CADENAS

Digital Product Images Replace Photography at Thomas & Betts

Doug Korneffel, Technical Services Director at CADENAS PARTsolutions LLC, managed the team and the technical details for the digital product images project.

“We utilized the exact geometry which powers the Thomas & Betts online product configurator, which provided us with brilliant base to work from. We can provide much more accurate images then a camera can capture. We are able to show an entire product line from precisely the same angle with the same backdrop and lighting effects. No matter how hard a human tries they can never achieve this level of precision.”

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