Video: How to avoid needing a pack mule for your BIM data – Perfect multi CAD data for your products in AEC & BIM by CADENAS

Construction projects are carried out by numerous stakeholders and often take a long time. It is especially important that planners, architects, structural engineers, HVAC specialists and civil engineers get all the necessary information for their work at the right time and in the correct format.

With all wishes are granted

As a manufacturer of architectural components, you can be as stubborn as a donkey: only offer the standard data and completely ignore the needs and wishes of your customers. Alternatively, you can run yourself ragged by manually generating all asked for information. Unfortunately, this rarely lasts long.

Thankfully, there is Find out in our short video how component manufacturers as well as planners, architects, structural engineers, HVAC specialist and construction engineers can all benefit from the comprehensive solution. This way being a stubborn, over packed mule can become a thing of the past.

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