5 steps to a simple, fast and secure tool calculation

The software TOOL4SEARCH with CADENAS’ integrated geometric similarity search GEOsearch makes proposal preparation easier

In the calculation department for molding, die casting and pressing tools, a significant change has taken place in the last years. The amount of proposal preparations and tool manufacturing has tripled or even quadrupled. In the future, a calculator will probably have to process 1000 and more proposals at the same time, with the same reliability and quality.


With TOOL4SEARCH, in connection with the geometric similarity search GEOsearch of CADENAS strategic parts management PARTsolutions, it is possible to create tool calculations quickly, easily and securely. Moreover the knowledge database – with interfaces to the PPS- and ERP systems – allows efficient and time-saving and thus cost-effective working with complete order processing.

To prepare a new proposal, geometrically similar plastic parts are searched for at first. From this, the existing mold making tool can be derived. By a slight modification of the tool already existing, the suitable proposal for the new mold making cool can be calculated quickly.

CADENAS' Geometric Similarity Search GEOsearch

In 5 steps to the calculation

Step 1: When preparing a proposal, the documents should be checked for completeness and the tool functions should be analyzed. It is advisable to store provided specifications, article data and drawings, machine documentation and the respective company standards as well as all provided information in the knowledge database.

Step 2: 3D article search with CADENAS’ geometric similarity search GEOsearch by creating a fingerprint with algorithmic calculations. The received article is simply imported into the system, at the same time a fingerprint is automatically generated. Already with the next mouse click, a list of the most similar stored articles appears.

Step 3: The result of the geometric similarity search allows access to comparable requests and orders in the classified similarity search. The extra benefit is that all departments profit from the collected information in the knowledge database, since they can store tools, parts lists operational sequences, mold flow calculations etc.

Step 4: Tool research is carried out with the parametric search methods, concerning technical details such as mold type, number of cavities, article size etc. The knowledge database therefore makes it possible to find tools that have already been offered in a similar way or manufactured and comply with the purchaser’s specified requirements.

Step 5: The result of the parametric search allows access to costing comparisons and proposal preparation. The articles found in the knowledge database, together with the related tools, are compared with the request date to estimate the calculable effort.

A powerful combination for proposal preparation

With TOOL4SEARCH in connection with CADENAS’ geometric similarity search GEOsearch, it is possible to process 1000 proposals and more in less time, with the same reliability and quality while keeping the database up-to-date at the same time.

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