Industry-Forum 2015 informed about trends and best practice of CADENAS software solutions

International specialists conference of CADENAS made networking on the highest level possible

CADENAS organized the 16th Industry-Forum at the IHK in Augsburg, Germany on the 4th and 5th of February 2015. The 20 presentations received around 200 international participants from mechanical, plant and engineering sectors. The participants were informed about innovations and changing trends regarding Strategic Parts Management and Electronic Product Catalogs.

In his opening speech, Jürgen Heimbach, the CEO of CADENAS, introduced a multitude of trends and innovations that can also be used for CADENAS software solutions or extend its features:

For instance, the previous search possibilities for components in the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions can be extended by a material scanner. By means of this molecular sensor, the respective material of any object or component is easy to recognize. Moreover, a new type of PC with integrated 3D scanner and touch screen panel can be used at the work station or in the warehouse to find parts very quickly. Components can be simply placed in front of the computer and directly scanned in 3D.

In the field of Electronic Product Catalog, Heimbach emphasized the increasing importance of the Augmented Reality technology. It can be used to repeatedly augment print catalogs with new information and thus build a bridge between print and digital. Morevover, so called iBeacons can be used as expandability for the popular CADENS PARTcommunity app. The technology offers component manufacturers the possibility to send messages to the users of the app, for instance, customer reminders or an invitation for a cup of coffee when they are passing by the trade booth.

“To see how our customers expand CADENAS products with new ideas and realize a great added value is always fascinating“, says Jürgen Heimbach, CEO of CADENAS. “We are also using the Industry-Forum to discuss new ideas and impulses with our customers and prospective customers and get some feedback.“

Practical experience reports of renowned companies

After the keynote presentation, case study presentations of renowned companies offered numerous suggestions and information on how to practically use CADENAS software solutions.

For companies of the manufacturing industry, Christian Vennemann and Pascal Giron of the AMAZONEN-Werke H. Dreyer GmbH & Co. KG informed about the successful implementation of the software solution PARTsolutions in their company. Moreover Christian Salhi of the ZF Friedrichshafen AG showed improvements and optimizations in his company through PARTsolutions.

For the target group of the component manufacturers, Jürgen Herr of the Festo AG & Co. KG held a presentation about how “Simplicity pays off in designing“. 

“The CADENAS Industry-Forum offers the perfect combination of informative case study presentations and opportunities to exchange experiences with other users of CADENAS software solutions“, said a visitor of the 16th Industry-Forum.

CADENAS innovations 2015

Industry-Forum 2015 PARTsolutions Presentation

In 2015, the CADENAS Industry-Forum once again offered the ideal setting to present innovations of CADENAS software solutions: these include innovations of the PARTcommunity version 3.3 and an outlook to version 4.0, exclusive insights into the new PARTsolutions version 10, innovations and outlooks of the app development as well as information on how to pro-actively control parts reuse with PURCHINEERING 2.0.

A special highlight of the Industry-Forum were three DreamocTM holographic displays from the ds.Xpress GmbH and CADENAS in the shape of pyramids, where 3D models of the component manufacturers or complete videos were depicted by means of laser.

User oriented workshops

Parallel to the numerous presentations, the 16th CADENAS Industry-Forum offered the visitors in user oriented workshops a structured manual for using CADENAS software solutions in the daily work routine.

In the field of the Strategic Parts Management, the “Whatchamacallit“ workshop for engineers took place for the first time. Here the participants learned how they can use the extensive, intelligent search features of PARTsolutions to find the right CAD model quickly and easily without knowing the exact product designation. In the field of Electronic Product Catalogs, the workshop participants learned how to create automatic 3D dimensioning with eCATALOGsolutions and visualize them in PARTcommunity, PARTsolutions and the CADENAS app. Moreover, there was a trade exhibition at the Industry-Forum 2015.

Industry-Forum 2015 Workshops

At the traditional evening event at the end of the first conference day, the participants were able to score strikes: The 24 lanes of the City Bowling in Augsburg offered the ideal sporting balance to the informative conference day and numerous possibilities to share with other participants in an informal atmosphere.

Next year the 17th Industry-Forum will take place in Augsburg, Germany on 15th to 16th of March 2016.

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