Innovation leader in emergency lighting INOTEC opts for 3D BIM CAD product configurator by CADENAS

High-information product models make lighting design more efficient and precise

A new 3D CAD product configurator from a visionary in emergency lighting is online: INOTEC Sicherheitstechnik GmbH now offers configurable, multi CAD and BIM capable 3D CAD models of its escape sign and emergency luminaires. These can be downloaded free of charge via the manufacturer's website or the CADENAS download portals and PARTcommunity in more than 150 native and neutral CAD formats. INOTEC is reacting to the high demand for BIM data, facilitating the daily work of electrical planners and installers as well as the company's own field service team with comprehensive 3D CAD models.

Work made easier thanks to simplified provision of extensive planning data

Before the introduction of the 3D CAD product catalog, the product data was supplied in folders with various data sheets from which the specialist planners and installers had to gather the appropriate information. Digital design data was created by INOTEC on demand. Since this involved an enormous amount of work, the choice of formats that the manufacturer could provide was also limited (especially exchange formats). The newly created 3D BIM CAD models contain all important technical data for lighting design: two different LOD (Level of Development), information on electrical attachment points as well as light distribution curves as (.ldt) files and much more. "Our field service is thrilled with the new, uncomplicated way of providing data. It makes work a lot easier for the team to be able to send the products suitable for the tenders to the specialist planners in the desired BIM format with just a few clicks," explains Stefan Blankenagel, Managing Director of INOTEC.

Thought leader in systems for dynamic escape routing plans catalog expansion

So far, INOTEC's 3D CAD product catalog includes emergency and escape sign luminaires in four different electrical versions with configurable mounting type, pictograms, luminaire luminous flux, and much more. An important product area, which will also be digitized, includes luminaires for dynamic escape routing. Here INOTEC, as an innovative driving force in the market, is responsible for many groundbreaking findings and inventions. The manufacturer has recognized that static escape signs may guide people into danger zones in the event of a fire. In contrast to classic emergency lighting, dynamic escape routing does not consider the power failure, but the case of fire, which has not yet been covered by standards. This is why INOTEC puts a lot of work into the development of dynamic escape route guidance systems. These communicate with the fire alarm system in a building and, in the event of a fire, control the evacuation to safe escape routes with the aid of TFT displays. Consideration must also be given to people with limited mobility. "The market for dynamic escape routing will become increasingly important in the coming years. It is therefore of great importance to us that this system, with its luminaires and devices, will also be represented in the CADENES digital product catalog in the future," says Stefan Blankenagel.

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