Interview: “The chemistry between Megatech and CADENAS is just right”

Volker Rüger of Megatech Software

Volker Rüger talks about their ten-year cooperation in an interview

The software manufacturers CADENAS GmbH and Megatech Software GmbH have been working together hand in hand for ten years now. On the occasion of this anniversary, product manager of the CAD / CAM software manufacturer Megatech, Volker Rüger, talks about their cooperation with CADENAS in an interview. He tells of innovations with the integration of the Strategic Parts Management system PARTsolutions in MegaCAD 2010 and about future challenges.

CADENAS: What triggered the partnership between CADENAS and Megatech?

Volker Rüger: The first personal contact took place at a fair in the year 2000. At the time, we had been in search of a suitable provider of parts management. Since our CAD system MegaCAD is used in 2D as well as 3D, we were looking for a parts management system that covers both the 2D and 3D areas. CADENAS had a pioneering role in the area of strategic parts management for 2D and 3D standard and purchased parts already back then, and so the Augsburg company was the ideal partner for us.

CADENAS: What added value does the cooperation with CADENAS offer for Megatech?

Volker Rüger: First of all, both companies have the same target group, with the engineering industry as their main customer, and we can benefit from this synergy. Secondly, CADENAS has made a name for itself on the market and is named right alongside other big providers of CAD systems. As a CAD software manufacturer, we are, so to speak, basking in the good reputation of CADENAS and can show that we are one of the leading technological providers. The cooperation with CADENAS has proven to be a genuine selling point for our software.

CADENAS: What are the concrete advantages of this cooperation for MegaCAD users?

Volker Rüger: The Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions by CADENAS has been integrated into every full version of MegaCAD since the year 2000. Via a 2D and 3D interface, we offer MegaCAD users access to an extensive collection of standard parts as well as a library of manufacturer standards. Our partnership with CADENAS makes it possible to offer our customers an “Allround Carefree Package” with PARTsolutions.

CADENAS: What are the innovations of the latest version MegaCAD2010 with regard to the integration of PARTsolutions?

Volker Rüger: MegaCAD 2010 provides detail improvement in many areas. The graphic interface, for example, was converted completely to Open GL. On the one hand, this speeds up the design process and on the other hand, the presentation is improved in that reflections and shadows can be shown in real time. For the first time, the MegaCAD version 2010 provides a direct 2D interface to the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions. Users of MegaCAD 2010 now have access to the PARTsolutions function "Level of Detail" and can therefore choose between three different levels of detail.

CADENAS: How does the future look for the partnership? Are there any concrete plans?

Volker Rüger: The chemistry between the two companies is just right. As the cooperation with CADENAS has always been very good and fruitful, we would like to continue building on our common successes.

A seamless integration of PARTsolutions into MegaCAD is planned for the near future which will further improve the user-friendliness of MegaCAD. In addition, the next version of MegaCAD will offer users the possibility to manage their own components. I am convinced that CADENAS and Megatech will make a good team in the future as well.

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