IronCAD expands its design solution with 3D CAD manufacturer catalogs powered by CADENAS

Millions of configurable 3D CAD models from renown international manufacturers are now instantly available to users in IronCAD format

CADENAS cooperation with IronCAD

IronCAD offers its customers a completely new service: Engineers and designers can now access millions of 3D & 2D CAD models from over 500 parts catalogs. This manufacturer certified content is based on CADENAS’ eCATALOGsolutions technology and offers millions of configurable parts directly accessible in IronCAD.

3D CAD models available with just a few clicks

With implementing CADENAS’ “parts4cad” plugin into IronCAD, users do no longer need to spend hours to browse the internet to find required parts for their constructions. Thanks to this plugin, the desired components can be individually configured easily and quickly, and then directly be integrated into the existing design in IronCAD with just a few clicks.

Powerful service saves design time

The new integration can be used with no additional installation necessary and allows users to freely explore hundreds of catalogs while remaining in the actual IronCAD environment. New catalogs and catalog extensions are available at any time without update. This saves engineers a lot of time and work during their designs.

“IronCAD’s philosophy to give engineers a simple, dynamic, powerful solution exactly matches our approach. Since decades, CADENAS is working hard to simplify the daily work for engineers to give them time to spend on creating innovative products. The combination of IronCAD’s intuitive 3D and 2D design solution together with CADENAS engineering data makes it easy for engineers to focus on their actual core task, which is to invent revolutionary products,” says Jürgen Heimbach, CEO of CADENAS.

“Offering direct access to millions of configurable parts directly in IronCAD enables our customers to increase their overall design productivity. We are pleased to be working with CADENAS to provide immediate access and import capabilities to their extensive list of international manufacturers. Customers can easily search, configure, import and use the right components needed for their design directly in our application reducing time typically spent locating and acquiring components that need to be leveraged in their CAD designs,” stated Cary O’Connor, V.P. of Marketing of IronCAD.

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