Omnitec simplifies design with new KONOK configurator from CADENAS

Added value for customers thanks to CAD models: Omnitec presents new configurator

OMNITEC has taken an important step towards improving accessibility and efficiency for its customers by integrating its KONOK catalog into the CADENAS portals.

The KONOK catalog includes a wide range of belt-driven linear units on RDS guide rails, including single, double, carriage, fixed carriage and telescopic/feed units. These units are designed for optimum performance and durability. Whether simple or complex linear movements, KONOK linear units offer precision, reliability and easy integration for a wide range of industrial applications.

The new KONOK 3D Configurator - Linear Automation powered by CADENAS allows you to easily configure and download CAD models of KONOK products and integrate them effortlessly into your designs. With over 100 CAD formats available, the selection and integration process becomes quick and intuitive, providing an instant and intuitive solution for industrial design requirements.

Why did Omnitec choose CADENAS? Gianni De Gaspari, CEO of Omnitec, says: "We chose CADENAS because of the company's reputation in product data management and digital distribution. The CADENAS system offers an efficient and immediate way to integrate our products into customer projects. With CADENAS, we are able to provide our customers with fast and accurate access to our product specifications, which facilitates the design process and shortens development time.

All functions of the catalog powered by CADENAS

The new digital catalog makes searching and downloading CAD data quick and intuitive for customers. Thanks to the CADENAS platform, the process of data distribution has been simplified so that customers can quickly find the components they are interested in. Each product comes with a detailed 3D preview and comprehensive metadata to ensure accurate and precise product selection.

Here are the benefits of the catalog:

  • Download with just a few clicks
  • 3D preview and instant access to technical data
  • Availability in several languages
  • Configuration on demand
  • Simplified design

This makes the integration of KONOK products into CAD designs quick and intuitive. Designers can continue working directly in their design software and access detailed information on KONOK products without having to send requests and wait for responses from manufacturers, saving valuable time in the design process.

With the new CAD catalog, OMNITEC is ready to meet the dynamic demands of industrial design and offers a complete and intuitive solution for designers around the world. The availability of products in various CAD formats facilitates integration into designs, increases OMNITEC's visibility and reaches new customers worldwide.

De Gaspari says: "We expect a number of significant benefits from publishing our catalog on CADENAS. Firstly, we expect a wider distribution of the KONOK brand and our products through the large network of users and professionals using the CADENAS platform. Secondly, we expect that the publication of the catalog will facilitate access to our products and allow designers to easily access the information they need during the design process. This should lead to greater efficiency and shorter lead times for projects using our linear units, which in turn will increase customer satisfaction and increase competitiveness in the market.

The KONOK catalog is available at this link.

Learn more about Omnitec on their website.

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