KWS Manufacturing Launches Online Product Configurator Built by CADENAS

Conveyor manufacturer to provide digital product configuration through distributor websites and home page

KWS Manufacturing, a leader in the bulk material handling industry, has recently launched an online product configurator to help customers select, specify and purchase their line of industrial screw conveyors. The configurator, built by CADENAS, provides customers the ability to far more easily design the parts they need. This on-demand, online custom design capability, makes the jobs of engineers easier while providing an industry-leading digital customer experience.

Says Bill Mecke, President of KWS, “The eCATALOGsolutions Technology gives us the ability to instantly provide the digital data our customers need. Now engineers can configure more than 800 of our screw conveyor components, and then download to test within their design.”

Previously, customers had to call the company’s engineering department and describe a part so KWS’ engineers could create a model, and email it back to them. Now, customers have an on-demand engineering service for designing and downloading the parts they need.

The launch will help KWS reach a larger audience and broaden the general market awareness for screw conveyors.

“I’m sure we will have some of our competitor’s clients visiting our site and downloading models of our conveyors. That’s fine with us, because those models will have a KWS part number built in. And once those engineers see our capabilities and the wide selection of custom configurations we can provide, they will be placing their next order with KWS,” adds Mecke.

The Configurator’s Impact on Distributors

Another key factor for KWS choosing CADENAS was their ability to provide online product data through distributor catalogs, Mecke says.

“Distributors account for a large portion of our business. eCATALOGsolutions by CADENAS gives us the ability to re-use our online product configurator directly within distributor web pages,” said Mecke.

The digital parts will be available soon on the Motion Industries online catalog, a major distributor in the power transmission industry.

“We love working with the eCATALOGSsolutions Technology,” Mecke says. “Their concept is amazing; they are truly the online product configurator experts.”

Configuration is the New Standard

Rob Zesch, President and COO of CADENAS PARTsolutions, LLC., sees KWS new configurator as an indicator of a growing industry trend.

“Manufacturer’s formerly provided a static list of standard parts which they produce, with fixed specifications and dimensions. If a part fit within an engineer’s design, that’s the part the engineer would use. If an engineer wanted a custom part built to specifications, it was much more of a process. Now, manufacturer’s like KWS are changing the game, making their products highly configurable and customizable online so they can precisely meet the exact customer needs. This self-service revolution is truly a tidal change within the industry,” said Zesch.

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