L.J. Star Inc. provides 3D CAD models with all-new online configurator built by CADENAS

Manufacturer of process observation equipment transforms their product-to-download process with instant access to 3D CAD models through an online configurator

Answering the needs of today’s online engineering customers, L.J. Star has launched its all-new online configurator, giving customers instant access to 3D CAD model downloads. Built by CADENAS, the catalog of configurable 3D CAD models streamlines the process for engineers and designers to find, configure and download products on-the-fly, directly from L.J. Star.

As a customer-focused company and manufacturer of process control and observation equipment, L.J. Star sets high standards for delivering an exceptional customer experience. By providing easy access to 3D CAD models for its visual flow indicators and its METAGLAS® sight glass products that customers can download directly from its website (www.ljstar.com), the online configurator transforms L.J. Star’s product-to-download process and digital customer experience. Customers can now find and download high-quality, configurable products with the speed, accuracy and deliverability that today’s engineers and designers need.


“Before, customers would call in their product orders so our team could draw up the model, or customers would go draw it themselves or send in another manufacturer’s drawing. Time went on, and we received more and more requests for 3D CAD models,” said Mike Curnutte, Director of Business Development at L.J. Star. “We wanted to make 3D models more readily available to our customers. This type of online tool made it easy for us to do that.”

The digital CAD catalog offers CAD downloads in over 100 native cad formats and versions, so engineers can download a native file of their desired products and test it directly in their designs. All the while, L.J. Star’s information and the product data are built-in the downloaded part, ensuring customers can easily return to L.J. Star to purchase the exact product they need.

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