“Make or Buy“ on PARTcommunity: Save by comparing

With the new feature on the 3D CAD model download portal, engineers can save time and money

Example of "Make or Buy" component

Many companies manufacture a large part of their components themselves, although supplier parts are available on the market. The increased use of supplier parts, however, creates free production capacities, which helps companies to focus more intensively on their true competence. Moreover, using supplier parts is usually cheaper.

CADENAS’ 3D CAD model download portal PARTcommunity offers a special service to its customers with the new Version 5.0 an: The feature “Make or Buy“.

Making work easier with similarity search

„Make or Buy“ on the 3D CAD model download portal PARTcommunity allows the user to search the electronic CAD model data base containing more than 400 manufacturer catalogs with an STL file of the desired component and find similar parts required for his design. The file is pulled into the search field via drag & drop and the results are shown in an additional window.

Reduce production costs by more than 40 %

Prior to that, one has to analyze precisely which component specific know-how is available or which parts can be bought externally. If you compare the internal production costs with those of standard component manufacturers, you can quickly save 40 % parts costs and more!

Try out yourself!

The “Make or Buy“ feature can now be called up and used on PARTcommunity. Convince yourself of the large stock of 3D CAD models offered in the PARTcommunity database.

Further benefits of PARTcommunity Version 5.0

  • Component parameters can be compared to each other- the user can simply find alternative components suitable for his particular purposes
  • Dimensioning is not only possible in the 2D deviation, but also in a 3D view
  • All component information is shown a single window - it is no longer necessary to tediously jump back and forth between the different display windows
  • and many more


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