malotech relies on CADENAS technology for digital BIM CAD data of its fresh water modules

Trend-setting step towards digitalization by providing 2D & 3D BIM CAD product information for planners & architects

malotech launch new 3D BIM CAD catalog for fresh water modules powered by CADENAS.

Digitalization is on the rise in the construction industry and is changing planning and production processes in all areas. In order to improve the cooperation of planners and contractors in construction, malotech GmbH is making 3D BIM & CAD objects from its systems for hygienic drinking water heating available for free download in cooperation with CADENAS. The new malotech product catalog is based on CADENAS technology and offers numerous 3D BIM & CAD product information of fresh water stations, storage systems, storage charging modules, dwelling stations and their accessories. This enables architects and planners to quickly and easily select and configure malotech products online, display the respective 3D preview and then download them in many common, native BIM & CAD formats (including Autodesk Revit, Graphisoft Archicad, Nemetschek Allplan, Vectorworks, Tekla Structures & SketchUp) and integrate them into their planning system.

Close networking of all project participants through improved information exchange

"Together with CADENAS, we are enriching in our new BIM catalog our products with important Building Information Modeling (BIM) information and thus taking an important step towards the future," says Marc Losch, CEO of malotech GmbH. "Thanks to our BIM product data, all participants of a construction project have immediate access to all relevant information, which improves communication between the individual trades and planners. In this way, the productivity of the planning process can be effectively increased in terms of costs, deadlines and quality."

Improved customer service of systems for hygienic heating of drinking water

3D CAD product catalog by malotech.

With its new BIM CAD product catalog, malotech is expanding its existing customer service and offering architects and planners round-the-clock access to high-quality digital data on its products. malotech has specialized in the design and manufacture of systems for hygienic drinking water heating or efficient heat transfer of thermal solar energy. Today, drinking water hygiene is more important than ever. The frequently encountered legionella problem, which often represents a health hazard that should not be underestimated, can be effectively avoided with fresh water modules, as drinking water is only heated when needed. The efficiency of the company is reflected in a broadly diversified product range with device capacities of up to 1.4 megawatts as well as the development of customer-specific solutions. The growing importance of drinking water hygiene is also reflected in an increasing demand for fresh water systems and thus also for the associated digital BIM & CAD product data. The new CADENAS product catalog gives architects and planners quick and easy access to the malotech product information they need.

For all component manufacturers who also rely on digitalization

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