60 Years of CAD: These milestones shape the success story of Computer Aided Design since 1957

Computer Aided Design over the course of time - Is your digital product catalog already fit for the CAD developments of the future?

Over 60 years ago Dr. Patrick Hanratty, the “Father of CAD”, created the first numerical control system, which would later become Computer Aided Design or CAD. The increased use of precise, versatile and easy-to-machine CAD designs has fundamentally revolutionized the areas of engineering, architecture and the manufacturing industry.

Here are the milestones of the success story of CAD since 1957:

The way to the basic tool of the industry

While the History of CAD closely parallels the “History of the Computer”, there have been many innovations and iterations along the way. Although the first computers were introduced with CAD software in 1957, it would take decades for small, affordable PCs to be available with popular CAD programs. For more than 30 years, the pen, paper and drawing board remained the most important tools with which draftsmen made their designs. But the groundwork was laid for things to come, CAD software would become a fundamental tool for nearly every industry.

Rapid development of CAD continues - Is your digital product catalog fit for the future?

The idea of CAD has grown from simple 2D designs into complex, multi-layered 3D structures with kinematic-movement and detailed meta-data. Similarly, the CADENAS Electronic Product Catalog has paralleled innovations in the CAD industry. With an Electronic Product Catalog powered by CADENAS, the 3D CAD models are always made available to customers and interested parties "future-proof" and still remain compatible with older CAD versions. And this regardless of whether the publication of the digital product catalog took place in 2001, 2017 or in 2027.

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