Monkeytoe sets stage for international and multi-industry BIM & CAD solution

New Zealand based manufacturer employs manufacturing and architectural solution to streamline customers online experience for an international audience

How do you create waves as a smaller competitor in the industrial market? You do something bold and different. That’s what Monkeytoe, a manufacturer of roof access and HVAC plant mounting systems, did when they launched an online product catalog of 3D BIM and CAD models. Built by CADENAS, the product catalog put downloadable, native BIM files on Monkeytoe’s website. This gave architects the part data and downloads they need where they go to search for parts for their planning projects. And for the New Zealand based manufacturer, the dynamic product tool opened the door for BIM and CAD product deliverability to a worldwide audience of architects and engineers.

Streamlining Customers’ Planning Process and Reducing Design Time

Monkeytoe is committed to offering full-service support to engineers and architects, providing safe and compliant roof access and smart HVAC plant mounting systems. With their all-new BIM catalog, Monkeytoe can provide instant 3D BIM downloads and CAD models to online buyers. This reduces architects’ overall design time by eliminating the time spent search for or recreating a part in their design software system.

“Before launching the new configurator, customers would send in a download request to our draftsmen, via email. Now customers can configure the exact product they need on-demand by accessing the BIM or CAD product directly from our website. It’s a faster and more accurate process overall,” said Budd Prestidge, General Manager at Monkeytoe. In addition to 3D BIM and CAD downloads, Monkeytoe’s new online product catalog offers free, interactive product datasheets. These downloadable PDFs have an interactive preview of the customer’s configured part and relevant manufacturer information. This simplifies collaboration and information sharing between architects and the purchasing department.

Native 3D BIM and CAD Downloads Across Industries

Monkeytoe walks the line between mechanical and architectural product manufacturing. Instead of choosing to provide native CAD or BIM downloads to just some of their customers, the CADENAS PARTsolutions integration enables them to easily provide CAD and BIM data to all the industry verticals they work with.

When customers customize their product in the online catalog, they can choose from over 100 BIM and CAD formats to download the 3D part as a native BIM or CAD download. Native formats include native files for Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD®, Inventor®, SolidWorks®, Solid Edge®, PTC Wildfire®, CREO®, Siemens NX®, CATIA®, and more. This, along with built-in metadata with the manufacturer information and product specs, ensures architects have all the information they need to purchase the downloaded product. “With the new catalog, we can instantly deliver CAD and BIM files to customers that are tailored to customers’ design needs,” said Prestidge.

Expanding to International Audiences Online

For digital-savvy companies, the Internet is “The Great Equalizer”. To online customers looking for product information, niche manufacturers have the same footing as industrial giants by using digital tools and providing customers with online access to 3D CAD and BIM objects.

With the new online product catalog, anyone with Internet access can download models and purchase products from Monkeytoe while still receiving the level of customer service Monkeytoe offers its local customers. And for the New-Zealand based manufacturer, the online catalog opens the doors to US, European, and Asian markets.

Joining over 500 manufacturer certified catalogs across 90 vertical marketplaces, Monkeytoe’s product catalog also lives on the online CAD portal, PARTcommunity and the corresponding mobile app. The CADENAS PARTcommunity has delivered over 1 billion product downloads for partner manufacturers since 2012, proving its effectiveness for manufacturers to connect with customers and sell more products.

With 16 million potential customers, the online CAD portal places Monkeytoe’s products in front of engineers and architects looking for 3D CAD and BIM downloads. And with 82% of product downloads eventually purchased from that manufacturer, the download portal offers a significant return on investment for manufacturers.

Tracking Sales Leads for Real-Time Data and Customer Insights

To manufacturers who provide 3D CAD downloads and BIM objects online, each download is a qualified sales lead. With the product catalog from CADENAS PARTsolutions, Monkeytoe can use the powerful analytics tools to track new leads from the online configurator and increase their return on investment.

Monkeytoe’s marketing and sales teams can integrate data from the product configurator into their marketing automation and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. This enables Monkeytoe to see real-time data and customer insights within their existing software, which they can then use to connect with leads and drive conversions.

“When engineers download a 3D product model, they aren’t just looking to purchase one part, says Adam Beck, Director of Marketing at CADENAS PARTsolutions.  “3D CAD model downloads are a primary reason why engineers return to a site, again and again. Making the product catalog a pipeline for more qualified leads.” On average, roughly 16 parts are purchased from one downloaded part. So, after a user downloads the product model and decides to purchase it for their final design, that user becomes a returning customer for Monkeytoe.

A Future-Proof Solution for Industry Leadership

To provide the best digital experience for their customers, Monkeytoe chose to go with a proven digital solution that will work with past and future changes. Their online product catalog provides CAD and BIM data for today’s newest software versions as well as past versions. And, those 3D models are available on-demand from any device – mobile, tablet or desktop – or web browser. Since CADENAS PARTsolutions ensures those files will work with whatever new technology or software update comes next, Monkeytoe doesn’t have to keep up with each update themselves. For manufacturers like Monkeytoe who supply product information to both engineers and architects, the ability to provide tailored CAD and BIM data to all their customers creates an extraodinary competitive advantage. Monkeytoe can provide an unmatched digital customer experience, reach across multiple industries, grow their business faster and carve their path toward industry leadership.

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