New MTS Sensors Electronic Product Catalog allows you to download intelligent 3D CAD models for sensors

The innovative MTS Sensors Electronic Product Catalog, with plenty of useful features, is now available to engineers and purchasers worldwide

Here, all linear position and liquid level sensors by MTS sensors are available for download as native data in more than 100 different common CAD system file formats of common and can be directly integrated into the customer’s procurement process with the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions. By using CADENAS electronic product catalog, MTS Sensors is now equipped for Industry 4.0. The keyword “Industry 4.0“ shows clearly that an increasing networking of the real and digital world is taking place. The more single parts should communicate with each other in the manufacturing process, the more intelligent the digital data has to be. CADENAS provides this intelligent product data with its eCATALOGsolutions technology.

“Our business partners will be enthralled by the features of our catalog“, says Dr. Thomas Grahl, CEO of MTS Sensors. Every day experienced specialists form MTS Sensors are in direct contact with companies, offer support on-the-spot and give important advice about application issues.

“This is why we know the Electronic Product Catalog is a great help for our customers. They can conveniently look for the most suitable sensor solution, configure it individually and directly apply it.“

Sensors by MTS Sensors

The Electronic Product Catalog is available offline and also online via CADENAS’ 3D CAD model download portal PARTcommunity. Additionally, MTS Sensor CAD models are integrated into the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions and thus, as an option, directly into the customer’s procurement process. The Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions is a universal inquiry system for standard, supplier and self designed parts and has plenty of interfaces to parts information systems such as PLM and ERP systems.

The catalog is also integrated into the MTS website and can be accessed with the button “3D models“. Engineers and purchasers get a wide range of search and comparing features: Both 2D sketch search as well as Geometric Similarity Search GEOsearch as well as the high performance full-text search are very helpful when looking for the suitable model. Moreover, with the RFP customers can get a 3D PDF data sheet of the configured sensors and other information in a convenient way. Also, the intelligent 3D CAD models are so called Smart Parts: Engineers and purchasers get additional information about the components, like dimensioning and further features. Thus the selection is uncomplicated for the customer and doesn’t require time-consuming inquiries to MTS Sensors.

“CADENAS supported us excellently and we are very glad that our customers and sales processes now profit from our new electronic catalog. The biggest benefits are that it is convenient, saves time and reduces errors“, Moira Lise, marketing & communications manager at MTS Sensors, concluded.

For detailed information on how you can provide intelligent CAD models by means of CADENAS’ Electronic Product Catalog have a look into our Smart Parts broschure or write us an email to


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