New SPAX BIM portal powered by CADENAS offers CAD data of screws

Digital design and construction: SPAX optimizes project planning in timber construction with its own BIM portal

SPAX International combines craftsmanship and high-tech. Engineering, tool construction and manufacturing work together perfectly to offer a branded product of the highest quality Made in Germany: The SPAX wood screw, of which up to 50 million pieces are produced daily in Ennepetal, Germany. The patented SPAX ground serrations on the thread, which starts directly in the tip of the screw, allows screwing in most woods without pre-drilling. SPAX International also applies this high quality standard to the BIM & CAD data of its products and relies on the software manufacturer CADENAS: On the new SPAX BIM portal all BIM-relevant data from SPAX screws and fastening ranges are now available for free download.

2D & 3D data of SPAX screws in various data formats optimize planning process

The BIM data is made available on the SPAX portal in three different levels of detail (LODs) and can be downloaded in nearly 100 different 3D and 2D CAD file formats as required. "In this way, we ensure that all those involved in planning have access to all important information at all times and that all those responsible for a project have the same level of knowledge," says Christoph Hessel, Product Manager at SPAX International. "In addition, the improved data synchronization increases the productivity of the planning process with regard to costs, adherence to schedules and quality".

All screws and dimensions relevant for timber construction in the SPAX BIM portal

In the new SPAX BIM portal, you can find all the information regarding the static parameters of the screws, as well as the typical SPAX features such as drive, surface, thread and head shape or tip. If several products come into question, they can be compared with each other by a simple mouse click. Users can generate a CAD model as well as a PDF data sheet from the details of the selected screws. The BIM portal thus ensures that customers also receive the usual SPAX quality in digital form.

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