NKK Switches Launches New Website with 3D CAD Product Catalog and Downloadable 3D Data Sheets built by CADENAS

More than 500,000 interactive 3D CAD models now available at NKKswitches.com to find, configure and specify a switch

Visitors to the newly enhanced NKKswitches.com website can now seamlessly discover, design, and download custom NKK parts – including full design specs – from a new interactive online 3D CAD product catalog designed by CADENAS.

“The simplified navigation and catalog access makes it easier for engineers and designers to access the digital data they need more quickly, and with a higher level of detail than ever before,” said Jessica Reimann, Marketing Manager at NKK’. “This new platform enables design engineers to explore the endless functions of our switches in a whole new way.”

NKK is the provider of choice for thousands of engineers seeking an interface that performs multiple functions within a single, compact package – saving time, space, and money. The company is the leading switch provider in the audio and broadcast industries.

“Our multifunction switches have infinite application opportunities in other industries like medical, aerospace, and automation,” Reimann adds.

The New NKK Website

“A great website is focused around making product information easily accessible to users, since that’s the first and most visible way a business can illustrate their value,” said Tim Thomas, CADENAS PARTsolutions, LLC., CEO. “We’ve found that website traffic increases when the path to information is smooth and seamless because users appreciate a streamlined design.”

In addition to customization options for visitors to visualize how the switches fit into designs, other website updates include a wider display area and intuitive links to key resources. For example, the online switch library and configurator are now embedded on individual product pages, creating a streamlined customer experience.

“Users exploring and learning about NKK products can begin at a high level and drill-down within the catalog itself. Users navigating directly to an individual product page, will find the specific product configurator that improves the user experience by eliminating a pop-out window and enabling users to download data sheets of their customized designs for free,” Reimann added.

3D CAD Product Catalog

“Showcasing the 3D Product Catalog was a big catalyst for many of these changes,” Reimann explained. “CAD solutions are integrated into many of the improvements and each specific product is now available as a 2D/3D CAD drawing or PDF data sheet.”

During the past eight years, NKK Switches has been systematically expanding its online 3D switch library and configurator to include a full range of its product lines. Powered by CADENAS since 2007, the NKK Switches library of 3D CAD models is one of the industry’s largest, containing more than 500,000 switch models, including the popular programmable OLED and LCD switches and displays.

3D PDF Data Sheets

Downloadable 3D PDF Data Sheets showing specific customized product configurations within a catalog style page are a valuable component of the new website.

“The 3D Data Sheets are going to be the last word in design convenience,” said Rob Zesch, President and COO of CADENAS PARTsolutions, LLC. “Created specifically for engineers to share with their purchasing department. These dynamic 3D PDF data sheets provide the capability for users without CAD access to preview products from any angle, while also providing all of the necessary textual data and product specifications. These forward-thinking additions will firmly establish NKK as the market leader in miniature and illuminated switches.”

Customers can use the product configurator to download custom data sheets of their configured products that contain detailed specifications, product attributes, and an embedded 3D model needing no CAD system required to review.

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