Over 20 Top Presentations Concerning the Topics of Strategic Parts Management and Electronic Product Catalogs

12th CADENAS Industry Forum 2011

On the 8th and 9th of February 2011, CADENAS GmbH is hosting the 12th Industry Forum at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Augsburg, Germany for professional visitors of the mechanical, plant, and electrical engineering industries. Over 20 presenters from well-known companies will give visitors of the international convention lectures covering the topics of cost reduction with strategic parts management, and innovative marketing strategies for component manufacturers with electronic CAD product catalogs.

Among others, the companies presenting are:

  • Würth Industrie Service GmbH & Co KG, André Schmalz: Kanban as extension of the strategic parts management
  • Demag Cranes & Components GmbH, Achim Tymura: CADENAS eCATALOGsolutions with Demag product configurators
  • MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG, Philip Kraus: Strategic parts management with PARTsolutions at MAN Bus & Truck AG
  • ELWEMA Automotive GmbH, Markus Hald: Cross-location product development and supplier integration at the ELWEMA Automotive GmbH
  • CADENAS GmbH, Daniel Reichard: PARTsolutions Topology Search: The last building block for replacing classification in the company
  • sikla GmbH, Günter Brugger: Development and implementation of a system configurator for the efficient support of customer management in the consultation intense presales phase
  • CONTACT Software GmbH, Axel Eckstein: PDM: The key for the successful management of company-wide products
  • Network Press Germany GmbH, Ulrich Abele: Sourcineering - Purchasing and buying hand-in-hand in the future
  • asim GmbH, Hansjörg B. Gutensohn & CADENAS GmbH, Andreas Höfig: eCATALOGsolutions - the integrated solution with improved print output
  • AHP Merkle GmbH, Patrick Mußler: PARTcommunity 2.0
  • CADENAS GmbH, Stefan Waldner: PARTcommunity 2.0 - Paradigm change for online product catalogs
  • schukai GmbH, Matthias Künkler: e-Shop B2B and B2C Solution for PARTcommunity 2.0
  • OSCo Olbricht, Seehaus & Co. Consulting GmbH, Jens Rothardt: Topic of cost analysis in SAP with the Geometric Similarity Search by CADENAS
  • ITG Innovation Technology Group s.r.l., Lia Grandi:  PARTwarehouse - New methods of co-design and budgeting during conceptual 3D design using Geometrical Search
  • CADENAS GmbH, Jürgen Heimbach: Augmented Reality - One year and many interesting use cases
  • Sell GmbH, Dirk Hüfken: Implementation of CADENAS PARTsolutions and the Geometric Search for CATIA V5 and SmarTeam PLM
  • Hans TURCK GmbH & Co. KG, Thorsten Rösner: Worldwide implementation of (Multi-)CAD Service: CAD@TURCK
  • TESIS PLMware GmbH, Udo Buschbeck: Standardization in the context of PLM and ERP processes
  • MAN Diesel & Turbo SE, Heiko Schmidt: MAN 3D Engine Viewer, Advantages and disadvantages of an online model configuration
  • CADENAS GmbH, Frank Epple: PARTsolutions V10 - First insights
  • Captron Electronic GmbH, Michael Hendler: CAPTRON offers new service for its customer

Aside from the numerous user presentations, CADENAS GmbH will present the newest software developments and innovations of both PARTsolutions and eCATALOGsolutions:

Strategic Parts Management - Efficient and Lasting Cost Reduction

About 70% of manipulable total product costs can be traced back to planning in the development phase. The strategic parts management system PARTsolutions contributes to easy finding, management and reduction of components and standard parts in modern companies. In addition, the strategic parts management system supports the use of the "purchineering concept", which increases the efficiency of the cooperation of purchasing and engineering.

Electronic CAD Product Catalogs - The Marketing Instrument for all Component Manufacturers

eCATALOGsolutions is a software solution for manufacturers of standard and purchased parts to create, manage and market electronic product catalogs. CADENAS’ electronic CAD product data have revolutionized marketing for component manufacturers in this increasingly digital world, by making product information available for the respective buyer target groups. They pave the way for the buying process of interested parties and customers and offer enormous marketing chances through vertical market places.

Workshops & Networking

Parallel to the technical lectures, hourly workshops give interested parties the opportunity to gather useful knowledge for their everyday work with CADENAS' PARTsolutions and eCATALOGsolutions. In addition, the Industry Forum offers numerous opportunities for networking. "I always meet loads of interesting people at the Industry Forum each year and can easily exchange information about my experiences with the CADENAS software solutions with other participants", says a visitor of the Industry Forum 2010. "The CADENAS convention is really a successful constellation." Additionally, the 12th Industry Forum in Augsburg will be accompanied by an evening event.

More information about the 12th Industry Forum 2011, the registration and the presentations can be found at: www.industry-forum.biz.

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