Over 500 CADENAS manufacturer catalogs available for Unity Game-Engine users

CADENAS offers free access to 3D CAD models for 5.5 million developers who use Unity simulation tools

Over 500 CADENAS manufacturer catalogs available for Unity Game-Engine users

More and more professional simulation tools in the areas of electrical and mechanical engineering as well as architecture are based nowadays on the Unity Game-Engine. The software company CADENAS, as "The Innovation Company", has recognized the decisive advantages of the games development environment with its graphic and physical simulations and makes the 3D CAD engineering data of its more than 500 manufacturer catalogs available also now for all tools based on Unity.

With the Game4Automation framework, these components can be used, for example, for concept simulation or virtual commissioning. In order to find the components required for their simulation, Unity Software users no longer have to spend hours surfing the Internet. Thanks to the CADENAS "parts4cad" plug-in, the desired components can be configured individually quickly and easily and integrated directly with just a few clicks.

The CADENAS plugin parts4cad for Unity is available free of charge at:

Component manufacturers can reach over 5.5 million Unity users with their product data

Component manufacturers who provide their CAD engineering data in an Electronic Product Catalog by CADENAS benefit from the new plugin. Their CAD product data can potentially be provided for over 5.5 million registered developers who use Unity worldwide. Surveys show that around 87% of the downloaded CAD models lead to sold products.

Choose the CADENAS Electronic Product Catalog and watch your sales soar: www.cadenas.de/en/products/ecatalogsolutions/electronic-cad-catalog/motivation

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