OWIS® offers new CAD Service via CADENAS

OWIS® CAD models onlineTo be on the cutting edge is the stated goal of the OWIS GmbH, a global leading manufacturer of optical beam handling and positioning systems. Thus, since March 2014 the company provides in collaboration with the software developer CADENAS extensive product records in various formats to download.

OWIS® products are applied in many areas, for example in research, development and industry. Not only here customer service plays a crucial role, starting with an intensive consultation to after-sales service. "Our customers are accustomed to work in every respect at the highest level. This also applies to cooperation with suppliers. Optimum support to our customers in their work, is a basic requirement for us." explains Dirk Schuhen, Managing Director of OWIS GmbH.

Based on this conviction, the cooperation with CADENAS, a leading software developer in the areas of strategic parts management, parts reduction and electronic product catalogs, arose. CADENAS represents, with its platform and customized software solutions, the connecting link between OWIS® and its customers.

On http://owis.partcommunity.com OWIS® products are available as CAD models in all major 2D and 3D formats. Thanks to the clear catalog structure and intelligent search functions, engineers and purchasers can find any desired part quickly and accurately. For example, certain components can be found with the help of GEOsearch function using an uploaded photo or a reference part. This is enhanced by a sketch, blank and a partial search. Alternatively, a full text search is available. The selected 3D model can be directly integrated into the existing design. This simple download allows to create a realistic simulation for ongoing projects within a few seconds. The flexibility is even expanded by the new CADENAS 3D CAD models app. Using this application developers and engineers have full access to the OWIS® product catalog from anywhere.

With this step, OWIS® offers their users an extremely intelligent instrument to make daily work more efficient and structured.

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