PARTcommunity 3.3 offers even more convenience

Faster search and simpler ordering of components

CADENAS, the software manufacturer from Augsburg presents the newest version 3.3 of its 3D CAD download portal PARTcommunity. New features, like a faster search for 3D CAD models or the option to place several components in the shopping cart at the same time, significantly increase the operating ease for users. Besides an improvement of search engines, data security is also further increased: passwords of new PARTcommunity users now have to comply with higher minimum requirements.

Get your desired CAD model even easier

One of the essential improvements of the PARTcommunity Version 3.3 are the revised search features. In the first step of the search, only the 20 most relevant search results are displayed. This improves the reuqired time for a 3D CAD model search decisively, so that the results are listed within one to two seconds. If further search results are desired, they can be displayed afterwards by clicking the button “Show more results“.

Also registering for the 3D CAD download portal of CADENAS was simplified. By means of an auto completion of the address data, the users are supported in indicating their correct address. Most of the time it is sufficient to select the country and enter the street. Afterwards the users are given different address proposals of various cities.

PARTcommunity 3.3

Making the ordering of components easy

As of now it is even easier to order components via the PARTcommunity, since several parts can be added to the shopping cart at the same time. Also the subsequent RFP can now be conducted at the same time for several parts. This means a significantly reduced effort for both the customer and the manufacturer.

Price inquiries for products can now be made in the respective currency of the customer or prospective customer. In doing so the information of the manufacturers’ external web services are taken over. This way prices can contain information about discounts, transport and packaging costs of the respective manufacturer. Afterwards downloading the offer and order as PDF is possible.

Innovations for PARTcommunity embedded

Since 2013, a 3D CAD download portal can be seamlessly integrated into the website of a component manufacturer due to the PARTcommunity embedded technology. With the new version there are also new features available for the PARTcommunity embedded portals: generating PDF data sheets is now possible with an individual button in the menu. Moreover RFPs can now be started. The update to the new version allows the users to generate a preview without prior login, provided that the component manufacturer wants to activate this feature.

Vertical market places - find manufacturers even easier

The numerous vertical market places are the ideal multipliers for the manufacturers’ Electronic Product Catalogs. With version 3.3 the new feature “classification according to standards“ is available on these 70 online market places. Users can for instance select any DIN standard and afterwards get a list of all manufacturers offering a component in this standard. Furthermore a new catalog filter is introduced into the vertical market places. With these manufacturers parts can be found more conveniently.

Classification by Standards

Examples for PARTcommunity download portals of the version 3.3:

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