PARTcommunity 7: This is what the new download portal version offers for engineers and purchasers

The new PARTcommunity features and tools simplify the finding and downloading of 3D CAD engineering data

The downloading of 3D CAD engineering data is easier and more comfortable with the new PARTcommunity 7. Version 7 of the 3D CAD download portal PARTcommunity from CADENAS was published in June and holds in store, among other things, the following new features for the users:

  • A clearly designed user interface
  • New tools to better locate and select components
  • Additional features for more transparency when downloading
  • A new help assistant
  • The direct integration of the desired catalogs function into the search for components

At there are millions of 3D CAD models from over 400 product catalogs of well-known component manufacturers available to download free of charge.

This way you can always keep an eye on what's important

A central point of the new Version 7 of the PARTcommunity download portal is once again the improved user-friendliness. Hence, the header of the portal is designed to be more narrow and compact and perfectly suitable for use with mobile devices, thanks to its responsive design. In addition, the header and the important information it contains, such as the manufacturer logo and the tab with user profile, remains visible at the top of the browser.

More narrow and compact header

Moreover, component manufacturers can fix the preview images of their products on the right. This means that the preview image of the components also stay in view while scrolling through the product details.

Fix the product preview on the right

Optimized preview images of your components

The preview images of the components are greyed out with the PARTcommunity Version 7 as soon as the selected component no longer matches the preview image. The user then receives a notice to update the preview images via a button in the middle of the preview.

Notice to update the preview image

Find the suitable components quickly with these intelligent tools

Engineers and purchasers are supported even better now in their search for the desired component: While entering the search term, as of now other languages are automatically added. If the user is searching for the word "cylinder", the same word in German, French and Italian is included automatically in the results. Thus, components can be located from catalogs, where the description is not in one's own native language.

Automatic addition through international search terms

In addition, the new PARTcommunity 7 is a tool made available to users for the simplified entry of value ranges of components. With the help of the calculation module, users can enter the dimensions such as in a metric measuring system and then, for example, change over to the imperial system. Values are automatically converted.

Calculation module for dimensions

In Version 7 there is a new assistant available for users of the 3D CAD download portal. By clicking onto "Help" in the header,  all the important functions of the PARTcommunity download portal is clarified via the info box.

Assistant for PARTcommunity functions

We will show you your time and cost savings as well as your download quota

Some manufacturers limit the number of downloads possible per day on their own download portals. In this case, the new PARTcommunity version helps users to keep an overview of how many downloads are still available for a certain period of time.

Transparency for possible number of downloads

For the first time, each user at the PARTcommunity download portal can see their own download statistics. Besides the number of completed downloads, the statistics also contain an estimation of time and cost savings, based on the downloads of a user during the past year.

Informative download statistics for users

We will fulfill your component requests

With the preferred catalog function, users can request 3D CAD engineering data from the manufacturers who were previously not available on the PARTcommunity download portal. CADENAS contacts that manufacturer and makes sure the desired components are provided for free download as quickly as possible. This long popular function is integrated in PARTcommunity 7 directly in the search for components. Along with the search results, the users can also display the search term for suitable components which had previously not been available at the download portal but are subsequently desired.

Integrate wish preferred catalogs in the search results

To ensure the best possible security for PARTcommunity users, only Internet Explorer 10 or above of the Microsoft browser is supported by the new Version 7. All users still using Internet Explorer 8 and 9 will be notified that changing to a current and thus safe browser is necessary.

The 3D CAD download portal PARTcommunity can be found at:

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