PARTcommunity now available in WeChat – additional marketing in China

For a successful presence in Asia WeChat is a must

As of now the 3D CAD model download portal PARTcommunity can also be found in the social app WeChat. Because whoever wants to market products successfully in China cannot do without WeChat. It is a very extensive platform combining features similar to Facebook, WhatsApp, Amazon, etc. Already 500 million are using the app, outside of China alone100 mil-lion. This means about every third Chinese is already using WeChat.

WeChat functions, system availablity and popularity

Since the complete mobile life in China takes place in WeChat, the app offers companies a multitude of possibilities to present themselves and interact with many customers in the best possible way. Also storing predefined message is possible, so the user gets an answer when he contacts the company via messenger. At WeChat, service is of special importance and not the sole advertisement for the company.

PARTcommunity is using WeChat as marketing tool

The 3D CAD download portal PARTcommunity has so far been very popular in Asia, which is shown by the current download figures: The platform had 28.1 million downloads from China, Japan and South Korea in the past year alone. With WeChat, CADENAS is further expanding its market position in Asia.

Only a touch of the finger away from PARTcommunity with WeChat

PARTcommunity has its own WeChat channel, providing users information about the 3D Cad download portal. In addition, you can read messages and communicate with PARTcommunity directly.

With the app you can look at the 400 manufacturer-certified catalogs with 3D CAD models, configure and download parts. A simplified login makes handling of the app easier.

WeChat login screen

Try out now:

WeChat VRcode for CADENAS

Step 1:

Here you will receive a little guide on how to get to the WeChat channel of CADENAS and PART-community.
Via the following QR-Code you are guided directly to the WeChat app,
where you can download it and register.

Home page in WeChat

Step 2:

In the subscription you will find the channels you selected. Via the search feature, you can look for the channel “WeChat 91 3D CAD Models“ an add it afterwards. Then the subscribed chan-nel will be view page, after you click on subscriptions.

Homepage in WeChat

Step 3:

Click on the subscribed channel afterwards.

New view in WeChat

Step 4:

Now the news view appears. Click on the highlighted field to get to PARTcommunity directly.

PARTcommunity embedded in WeChat

Step 5:

Here you can select catalogs and CAD models as usual, configure them and download them afterwards.

Discover new chances – we will help you!

If you would also like to present your products in China, we recommend CADENAS’ eCATA-LOGsolutions technology and the 3D CAD download portal PARTcommunity to you.

Would you like to set up a WeChat channel yourself? In Europe, a registration with an existing Facebook account is even possible. We will gladly support you with setting up the channel. Contact us under or call us under: 0821 – 2 58 58 0-0.

Calculate your potential

More than 80 vertical online market places, which are currently being extended, serve as multi-pliers for CADENAS’ electronic product catalogs. With a worldwide potential of more than 14.4 million engineers, component manufacturers internationally reach exactly the right target group with the 3D CAD models of their electronic product catalog.

Calculate your marketing potential now:

Calculate your potential

CADENAS – The Innovation Company

The 3D CAD download portal PARTcommunity, a pioneer in the sector, as first and only pro-vider of 3D CAD catalogs, started a WeChat channel, including the download possibility of more than 85 different CAD formats. Thus component manufacturers, who are already provid-ing their catalog data with the eCATALOGsolutions technology on PARTcommunity, have an extended access to the Chinese market and benefit from wide-ranged and international marketing.

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