PARTcommunity version 5.0 provides a number of innovations for users and manufacturers

Comparison of component parameters, 3D dimensioning and HTML integration of CAD models

Since the beginning of this week, the new version of the 3D CAD model download portal PARTcommunity has been online: Numerous improvements and innovations were introduced to make using the portal easier for the customer and more supportive for manufacturers to successfully marketing their components.

The most important improvements at a glance

Integrate 3D CAD models into news

Now manufacturers have the possibility to get a generated HTML code and implement the 3D CAD model into a news by means of IFrames. Users can display the model as well as configure and download it directly. Here you can see an example:

Compare component parameters

Several parts can be selected by the users and compared by means of the dimensions. Afterwards the result is displayed in tabular form and deviations are highlighted. This way the user can simply find an alternative component suitable for their purposes.

Multiple parts can be compared with one another based on size

Dimensioning in 3D view

Often engineers not only need dimensioning in 2D derivations, but also for the 3D view. With the new PARTcommunity version 5.0, all component information is now displayed in a single window for the user. Thus tedious switching back and forth between the different layer windows (table, 2D and 3D dimensioning) is no longer necessary. Errors can thus be avoided and time can be saved for component research.

2D and 3D view displayed in a single window

Recognize sales potential with Smartsales

For employees of component manufacturers in sales and distribution, the PARTcommunity version 5.0 offers a special highlight to recognize sales potential and improve the field sales. You can look forward to more detailed information to follow soon! If you would like to get an exclusive insight into the new features in advance, you are welcome to contact us via email or via phone +49 821 2 58 58 0-0.

Innovations in brief

  • The Geometric Similarity Search now also considers the size of the searched part
  • Table headings remain on top when scrolling and the dimension drawings of the selected parts are displayed
  • The Electronic Product Catalogs on PARTcommunity are now also available to 500 million people in China via the app WeChat to further improve distribution in China
  • and much more

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