Partnership CADENAS and coBuilder: Concentrated expertise for growing BIM requirements

BIM software experts cooperate to enable component manufacturers to better cater to the needs of the changing architectural sector

Which information from the various sectors do customers actually need for their designs or product choice? Each professional group has its own standards and each country has other requirements as well as needs for information concerning product properties. Architects require, e.g. for the planning of a building, different information than the facility management later on, which takes care of maintenance and servicing. The provider of components can easily lose the overview. When manufacturers wish to market their products worldwide in all the relevant sectors, this quickly results in huge amounts of data which has to be made available and kept up to date. With 13 classifications, 12 languages, 100 CAD formats, 3 CAD versions and 5 levels of development (LOD), up to 240,000 data combinations of a product variant are possible. Providing such a diversity of information greatly increases the competitiveness of manufacturers for architectural components. This cannot be done manually.

Manually, the effort is not to provide thousands of product variants and to update.

The partnership between the CADENAS and coBuilder companies makes it possible for component manufacturers to provide engineering data and product information to the architectural sector so they can finely adapt to the progressing development in the field of BIM. Manufacturers have the possibility to make a large of amount of information available quickly and easily through the synergy of CADENAS and coBuilder.

CADENAS – Intelligent Engineering Data, Multi CAD Formats and Level of Development

The models can be displayed in over 100 different file formats and five levels of development.

With over 20 years of experience, CADENAS has adapted the proven technology of manufacturer catalogs to the BIM & architecture sector on the basis of eCATALOGsolutions. CADENAS technology supports component manufacturers in creating their product catalog with minimum of effort and cost, but with maximum distribution for strong product marketing.

Component manufacturers make engineering data available to users that contains geometric and intelligent information such as kinematics, nozzle, collision rooms, etc. The 3D CAD models can be generated additionally in more than 100 file formats of common CAD systems such as Autodesk Revit, Nemetschek Allplan and GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD. In addition, the components can be displayed in five different levels of development (LOD).

coBuilder – Classification, languages and product data templates (PDT)

goBIM from coBuilder is a platform to deliver product data in BIM formats and to attribute it to digital models.

coBuilder is an international construction software company that develops solutions integrated into Autodesk Revit, Navisworks and ARCHICAD. goBIM from coBuilder is a platform that enables manufacturers to react to the demands of clients and customers, to supply product data in BIM formats and to attribute digital models to them. Customers benefit from the so-called product data templates (PDT) which display information in a neutral tables file, so that constant access and readability can be granted.

coBuilder brings in their expertise on which sector or trade needs which information about a component and supports manufacturers so that European, national, market-determined, legal and environmentally-related requirements are easier to meet.

This way users benefit from the cooperation

Together with CADENAS and coBuilder, manufacturers of technical product components develop an Electronic Product Catalog for their 3D BIM CAD data, enriched with attribute data. Architects and planners can access the data they need at anytime via the portal and goBIM. In the future of open data, more BIM software vendors will take the same cooperative approach where experts in complementary fields such as the portal and goBIM will be strongly networked in order to bring more value to their customers.

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