Strategic Parts Management System: Reduce Unnecessary Parts to Increase Revenue and Productivity

See how RÖHM uses their Parts Management System to streamline design and interoperability among their 60 facilities

Röhm GmbH strategic parts management by CADENAS

RÖHM is known as a worldwide leader in clamping and chucking tool technology. To create their products they use more than 12,000 standard and supplier products, in addition to their own internally designed parts. With so many parts, streamlining product search and selection was critical to meet the needs of RÖHM’s 1500 employees at 60 facilities worldwide.

RÖHM has worked closely with CADENAS, utilizing the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions to reduce duplicate parts, aide part search and reduce design time.

Before PARTsolutions was implemented at RÖHM, CAD parts were manually filed in SAP, requiring a lot of effort with every new part. Depending on the type, each newly created part would cost the company at least 200 Euros ($270).

This is why RÖHM needed a parts management system that could reliably and accurately manage all components with relatively little effort. The goal was to simultaneously reduce the parts diversity while reducing costs.

Get the RÖHM Parts Management System case study

CASE STUDY for Röhm Strategic Parts Managment by CADENAS

By standardizing design and implementing an easy method of supporting the parts catalog, the design processes is streamlined, saving time and finances for the company. Using parts over and over, instead of re-creating them, reduces the burdon for departments like procurement and logistics.

RÖHM has always relied on robust software solutions, finding a new parts management system meant it would have to be equally as reliable. We have already had very good experiences with solutions by CADENAS in use at RÖHM, therefore their Strategic Parts Management system immediately became our focus of attention.

“In the eight years we have been using the parts management system, our product range has considerably increased. Needless to say this resulted in an increase of required parts as well. However, we have seen that the new creation of parts increased only slightly compared to the diversity of parts used for our new developments. By using PARTsolutions unnecessary parts growth is avoided.”

Heinrich Müller – CAD Administrator

Conclusion: Increase in efficiency results in cost savings due thanks to the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions.

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