PARTsolutions reduces design times and costs for creating new parts at EIRICH

Case Study: Efficient search functions reduce product costs

Since 2004 CADENAS’ Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions supports EIRICH machines to find CAD components faster and easier, avoid duplicate copies and manage CAD designs in a simpler way. Internally designed parts can also be integrated into PARTsolutions and can be managed within the system.

With this function costs can be reduced in the long term. PARTsolutions helps to reduce the product costs already in the design and development phase by means of an efficient management of components or their CAD models and with an effective search function.


The Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions is used exclusively in the mechanical design department at EIRICH. Where about 30 employees use the software as a model library with allocated parts numbers.

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Acceleration of internal processes

With CADENAS’ Strategic Parts Management system, the search times for supplier and self-designed parts are significantly reduced at EIRICH thus decreasing design time and costs. PARTsolutions allows a better view of the available products in a supplier’s range, and gives engineers an insight into the product diversity of the desired part. Internal processes can be created, accelerated and be less prone to errors. Supplier parts are updated on a regular basis, keeping component models up to date. This prevents discrepancies between the CAD models and the actual products that are used later.


At EIRICH about 40,000 standard and supplier parts are managed in PARTsolutions.

With the ability to add new supplier parts into the system, the total amount of parts at EIRICH has not decreased since PARTsolutions was introduced, but this was never the target of the software introduction. The reason for the increase of parts is that EIRICH constantly develops new machines for which new parts are required. “Without using PARTsolutions the growth of new parts would have probably been much higher. PARTsolutions provides a simple control to recognize duplicate part copies at an early stage and avoid them, especially when deploying standard and supplier parts”, says Martin Fischer, technical consultant standardization department at EIRICH.

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