PARTsolutions reduces multiplicity of bolted connection fasteners at SNCF by 15%

Since October 2013 the French railway company SNCF has been using CADENAS’ Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions in connection with their RNAS database.

With 700 users in train maintenance centers, engineering, procurement and logistics all over France, SNCF has been centralizing parts for rolling devices in a single parts database called RNAS for a long time.

This database has grown tremendously due to the addition of components by designers. Many duplicates appeared and the number of suppliers increased, thus consequently reducing the effectiveness of the purchasing department.

The bolted connections committee therefore decided to implement a solution to standardize and regulate the fasteners. “We focused on fasteners as this is the category for which we have the most numerous items in the database, that is to say the parts we need the most to be standardized and streamlined,” explains Jérôme Mercier, project manager at SNCF.

SNCF chose the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions by CADENAS to consolidate and standardize the fasteners used for bolted connections on all of its maintenance centers.

More than 10,000 parts to streamline

The aim of the project is to limit the creation of new components in the parts database, to identify and eliminate duplicates and to encourage designers to reuse the fasteners defined as “standard” by the committee. As a first step the project focuses on the fasteners used for bolted connections. More than 10,000 screws, nuts, washers and studs were scrutinized.

SNCF and PARTsolutions

The objective of SNCF is to create a library with all relevant information for designers: SNCF’s internal information (internal part number, technical documentation, materials, standardization level), official standard information (description, dimensions, etc.) and the 3D CAD models. After a successful test phase, the new information platform was implemented in October 2013 for all users working on rolling devices.

The number of parts dropped by 15% in only one year

The number of parts dropped by 15% in only one year

Starting with 10,000 parts, SNCF reduce the number of parts to 8,500 in only one year. A decrease of 15% that leads to savings in terms of procurement, storage and maintenance.

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