PBC Linear achieves an increase in sales of 700%, thanks to eCATALOGsolutions from CADENAS

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For PBC Linear, CAD models will be moving more and more into the focus of the development process with the customer

Milford, OHIO – March 2010 – PARTsolutions LLC, the US subsidiary of CADENAS Technologies AG is a global provider of 3D parts catalogs for manufacturers and customers, and PBC Linear has announced that they have achieved an increase in sales of more than 700% with the 3D catalog technology PARTsolutions®. As a result, PBC Linear, a worldwide leading company for the development and manufacture of leading linear motion solutions, has decided to implement a further expansion stage. The manufacturer integrated its 3D product catalog PARTsolutions LLC directly into its online product page 3D sales configurator.

In the year 2008, PBC Linear introduced eCATALOGsolutions from PARTsolutions for the first time, to make available online the extensive range of their ball bearings, sliding systems, drives, running rails and sliding guides. The online catalog meanwhile offers two million PBC Linear products for 212 independent configurable parts. The number of registered users of the 3D online catalog of PBC Linear has increased to 17,500. This is an increase of 130% compared to the technology previously used. Today, all two million products are available in more than 85 native and neutral CAD and graphic formats and thus offer more than 170 million different digital images of PBC Linear products.

"The cooperation with PARTsolutions has been very advantageous for the growth of our company”, says Michael Moss, CEO at PBC Linear. "We help our customers to increase their efficiency and to also improve their contact management, which increases the sales figures. As a result, we gain more and more follow-up orders from customers of high quality.”

At this time, PBC Linear is further investing in 3D parts catalog technology by integrating a PARTsolutions configurator directly into their own homepage. CAD models will play a greater role in product and development processes for the customers. With the configurator, users are no longer dependent on two different sources of information, websites and printed catalog tables, in order to find the desired part. PBC Linear has thus reduced the costs for design maintenance and, at the same time, has modernized the development process for industrial customers.

“PBC Linear is known for its excellent customer advice and support. With the introduction of the 3D sales configurator of PARTsolution, the company can now provide the latest procedur for the configuration and purchase of online products”, says Rob Zesch, CEO of PARTsolutions LLC.“They have used our technology to simplify the time-consuming process for customers as well as to significantly increase their own sales figures.”

To draw more attention to the products and thus increase sales, digital PBC Linear products will be offered at various online market places in addition to PARTsolutions. These market places include Autodesk® Manufacturing Supplier Content Center, the Machine Design® Magazine CAD Library and the ConnectPress® CAD Communities. Moreover, users of PARTsolutions business solutions can access the products of PBC Linear. Thus, the company can also reach PARTsolutions customers with its products who prefer access to design contents within their on business environment or whose companies prohibit an uncontrolled access to design content from the Internet.

For more information about PARTsolutions, visit our homepage: http://www.partsolutions.com.

To receive insights into the Pacific Bearing Solution, go to the following homepage: http://www.partsolutions.com/customer_examples/Pacific_Bearing/.

About PARTsolutions LLC (a subsidiary of CADENAS Technologies AG)

PARTsolutions® LLC has been a leading provider of PLM solutions since 1992 for future-oriented 3D product catalog management and databases. The PARTsolutions range offers big manufacturers centralised 3D standard parts catalogs that facilitate the search, finding and management of 3D standard and individual parts for the global development team. Component manufacturers offer the PARTsolutions product range 3D product cataloge on different online portals..

The Electronic Product Catalogs increase customer contacts with the products and ensure that components are imported in 3D-CAD models and then integrated in the products of the customers. To meet the requirements of the multi-CAD supply chain, PARTsolutions offers native CAD data and thus support over 85 native and neutral CAD and graphic formats. The PARTsolutions product range promotes the reuse of parts as well as the use of standards. This increases company sales by bringing products onto the market quicker and more cost-effectively.

More information about PARTsolutions at: http://www.partsolutions.com.

About PBC Linear

PBC Linear was founded by CEO Bob Schroeder in 1983 and has since then developed from a small warehouse company to a provider of complete solutions for high-performance products of linear motion. Since the first patent, the Simplicity® self-lubricating plain bearing, which has proven to be a proven approach to ball bearing technology, PBC Linear has further researched new solutions to complex linear motion questions. PBC is striving with foresight for innovation and new concepts.

As an expert for linear motion, PBC is known worldwide for its variet y of products, solutions and services. The company’s customers are thereby sure to always receive the best solutions for their applications.

PBC is known for offering its customers only the best solutions that meet all application requirements. Whether the demand for proven components not listed in the catalog, for challenging mechanical subassemblies or for complete customer-specific solutions.

Learn more at: www.pbclinear.com.

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