PHILIPP group supports the BIM process in structural engineering with CADENAS’ electronic CAD catalog

Package offer 3D built-in parts in online catalog with eCATALOGsolutions

In modern prefab construction you cannot do without mounting parts. Designers increasingly fall back on 3D design and develop a model of the prefab construction from geometry, reinforcement and embedded built-in parts. Structural engineers, however, can invest only a little time in developing these parts, which then is missing at another stage of the project, since there is a very tight schedule.

To support engineers with this issue, PHILIPP offers an extensive online catalog of their product portfolio for transport and assembly systems, based on CADENAS eCATALOGsolutions technology. The most important transport anchor systems, connecting and fixing rails as well as sandwich anchor systems and many more, are included in the catalog, available as detailed 3D models and 2D views. Thus, the creation and expansion of CAD internal embedded parts libraries becomes significantly easier.

Export of IFC, Autodesk Revit and many other formats are possible

In doing so, PHILIPP makes its contribution to the increasingly important process of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in structural engineering. The embedded library is convincing with scope, topicality, compatibility and information content.

The offer, free of charge for the engineer, represents an universal platform since it supports almost any CAD system because of different export formats.

The most important export is defined by the IFC format, which can be read out by many CAD programs established in the embedded parts and building sector. But also native CAD data for most CAD systems regarding building design, such as Autodesk Revit, can be exported. Both AutoCAD as well as Allplan by Nemetschek can be additionally served via special interfaces. CADENAS, a leading software manufacturer for electronic CAD products, provides a solution with interfaces that are always up-to-date.

Collision check and fast modeling

The PHILIPP online catalog is simply structured and equipped with all important facts about an embedded part, which are basically taken from the technical information. This way engineers can quickly find the right part and thus accelerate the modeling of three-dimensional elements and carry out collision checks, for instance between reinforcement and an embedded part. The data models are reduced to the essentials for assembly and visualization, to avoid any unnecessary burdening of the CAD systems, but they are also sufficiently detailed to ensure precise planning.

The catalog is available on the website of PHILIPP under products/PHILIPP Software or directly under:

PHILIPP catalog available at

Platform for CAD data in the area of Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Due to the new Electronic Product Catalog, based on CADENAS’ eCATALOGsolutions technology, the catalog of the PHILIPP group is now also available on

It is here that designers, architects, constructors, structural engineers and executing companies get free access to an extensive platform with current building design data in native CAD formats and in the IFC format. By publishing their catalog on, the PHILIPP group benefits from an ideal, target-group oriented and worldwide marketing of their product.

If you would also like to provide your BIM objects in all current architecture CAD formats, please contact us at or by phone +49 (0) 821 2 58 58 0 - 0.

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