Preliminary report: CADENAS Industry Forum continues in 2018 to provide innovative IT solutions for component manufacturers and the industry for the digitalization of data

Information on trends, methods of intelligent finding, process optimization in engineering, sales potential and how to prepare product data for Industry 4.0

The CADENAS 19th Industry Forum will take place in the WWK Arena in Augsburg on the 7th and 8th of March 2018. Engineers, purchasers and marketing specialists can find out about trends and innovations in the area of Strategic Parts Management, Electronic Product Catalogs as well as BIM.

Process optimization in design as a competitive advantage

Top-class speakers of renowned companies will give numerous lectures to the professional visitors on how costs can be sustainably reduced in engineering with the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions. This year the focus is on the use of the Geometric Similarity Search GEOsearch by CADENAS, PURCHINEERING and Industry 4.0 in the engineering sector. In addition, the planned features in the new CADENAS PARTsolutions Version 12 will be presented.

The Best Practice PARTsolutions presentations will offer the following:

Peter Zander of KUKA Systems GmbH will report on the optimized SAP procurement process with the Geometric Similarity Search GEOsearch by CADENAS and also go into the optimized product development process.

Last year’s winner of the German Standard Parts Awards (Deutschen Normteile Awards) Jakob Prechtl, CEO of Prechtl Engineering GmbH, will go into detail about his exciting project “Transportable OP Microscope for Developing Countries” and talk about the latest status and the significance of standard parts for cost-conscious engineering.

Tobias Wild will explain the reasons the Swiss company Stadler Bussnang AG had for using PARTsolutions for Stadler Rail. He was the head of and was responsible for introducing the project.

The WARR Hyperloop Team won the Competition II SpaceX Hyperloop Challenge in 2017 with their developed Pod. As sponsor, CADENAS provided PARTsolutions licenses to optimize project development. Catriona Bruce will report on that in her lecture.

Sergio Salsedo of Focus PLM and Luca Borghi of CADENAS Italiana s.r.l. will explain how PURCHINEERING 2.0, integrated into the ARAS Innovator, and the function of intelligent finding for parts increase the rate of reuse ,while minimizing duplicate parts.

Olaf Hilla of WABCO GmbH will give a talk about the implementation of the Geometric Similarity Search GEOsearch by CADENAS in the company’s procedural landscape and will explain the managing of special parts and the reuse of parts in the WABCO product development process.

As every year, the Head of Software Development at CADENAS GmbH, Frank Epple’s lecture is highly anticipated. He will give engineers and purchasers exclusive insights into the planned features of Version 12 of the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions.

Optimized user experience and increasing sales

During the Best Practice lectures of the Industry Forum, component manufacturers will learn how they can take full advantage of the marketing potential of their products with Electronic CAD Product Catalogs and further optimize it.

The Best Practice eCATALOGsolutions offer the following:

Bruce Hamper of Power Jacks Ltd. will explain how customers can speed up their product development and selection of CAD data with CADENAS solutions, for example by means of the newly introduced CAD Product Configurator.

Axel Weber of Otto Ganter GmbH & Co. KG will explain during his talk why the Electronic Product Catalog is best suited as an efficient marketing tool and as a means for maximum customer service, e.g. with dynamic product dimensioning.

The building kit "Modular Assembly Automation" by SCHUNK GmbH & Co. KG was digitalized as a Product Configurator by CADENAS. Marcel Nagel will talk about how this configurator is used and the advantages the company benefits received.

Steven Gilliom, Director for Information Technology at PHD, will explain why the Electronic Product Catalog at PHD, Inc. was only the beginning and how, 25 years later, the company prepares its CAD for the future and provides its customers even more service with eCATALOGsolutions.

Lars Fredenlund, CEO of coBuilder AS will demonstrate that data-supported BIM is only as complicated or simple as you wish it to be. In addition, he will explain the advantages of enriching data with product information such as kinematics, possible collisions, etc. through CADENAS and the provision of coBuilder product data templates.

Anthea Waidele of Afag Automation AG will talk about how digitalization with photo-realistically rendered product images, based on the Electronic Product Catalog eCATALOGsolutions, is implemented.

Robert Weitlaner of HELLA Sonnen- und Wetterschutztechnik GmbH, from the department of Research and Development, will talk about the need and motivation to provide 2D & 3D Multi BIM CAD data for optimum customer service in sun protection planning.

CADENAS GmbH will be represented by Stefan Waldner. He will reveal what engineers can look forward to with the new functions and extensions of the 3D CAD model download portal PARTcommunity Version 8.0.

The current agenda of the Industry Forum can now be downloaded at:

Application-oriented workshops with experts

In addition to the numerous lectures, the 19th CADENAS Industry Forum will offer three application-oriented workshops on the use of the CADENAS software solutions eCATALOGsolutions and PARTsolutions in daily working life.

This year, interested parties can expect the topic of PARTprocurement. Here they will learn how component manufacturers can make missing parts information available in a clever and interactive way. Visitors can also attend workshops on intelligent finding methods during the Industry Forum as well as on the topic of PURCHINEERING with PLM Synchro. PURCHINEERING is a consistent solution that optimizes cooperation and communication between engineering and purchasing.

Awarding the best catalogs with the "Golden Catalog Seal"

CADENAS continuously honors Electronic Product Catalogs based on the eCATALOGsolutions technology with the quality seal of gold, silver and bronze. Within the Industry Forum, catalogs of component manufacturers with the most extensive intelligent information will be honored, such as dimensioning or integration of a Product Configurator to ensure consistently high quality of 3D CAD catalogs for engineers.

The international congress Industry Forum will also be accompanied by a trade exhibition and an evening event.

The international congress Industry Forum will also be accompanied by a trade exhibition and an evening event on 7 March 2018.  

CADENAS offers an early bird rate of 299 EUR instead of the regular 399 EUR (price per person plus VAT) for applications who register before January 31st :

Further information about the 19th CADENAS Industry Forum 2018 and registration, visit our website:

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