Industry in transition: an outlook for 2024

Challenges and opportunities in an era of upheaval

The year 2024 will be characterized by significant developments in the global industrial landscape. CADENAS takes a look at the most important topics: Digital transformation, skills shortages, supply chains, sustainability and artificial intelligence (AI). These areas offer both challenges and opportunities for companies worldwide.

Digital transformation: the path to the future

Digital transformation permeates all aspects of industrial production and administration. The integration of digital technologies enables companies to operate more efficiently and flexibly. The implementation of cloud computing, artificial intelligence and automation tools plays a key role in ensuring that companies remain competitive in an increasingly networked and dynamic world. From smart parts management and electronic product catalogs to digital twins, CADENAS supports industry worldwide.

Skills shortage: an ongoing challenge

The shortage of skilled workers remains a pressing problem for many branches of industry. Rapid technological development requires a highly qualified workforce, particularly in the field of digital technologies. Companies are therefore increasingly investing in training and development programs to bring existing employees up to speed and attract new talent at the same time.

Supply chains: On the road to resilience

After the turbulence of recent years, the focus is on stabilizing and increasing the resilience of supply chains. Companies are working on diversifying their supply chains in order to better manage risks. Digital technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) offer new opportunities for monitoring and optimizing supply processes.

Sustainability: a core issue for the industry

Sustainability is evolving from a peripheral issue to a central component of industrial strategies. Driven by regulatory requirements and growing environmental awareness among consumers, more and more companies are implementing green technologies and striving to reduce their environmental footprint. This includes investing in renewable energy, reducing emissions and developing sustainable products.

Artificial intelligence: reaching the next level

AI technologies are developing rapidly and are increasingly becoming an integral part of industrial processes. Advances in machine intelligence are enabling companies to analyze large amounts of data more efficiently, optimize decision-making processes and develop innovative solutions. Industry experts predict that by the end of 2024, AI will play a central role in areas such as predictive maintenance, quality control and even in the design of customized products.


The year 2024 presents industry with numerous challenges, but at the same time offers immense opportunities for growth and innovation. Focusing on digitalization, addressing the skills shortage, strengthening supply chains, committing to sustainability and adopting artificial intelligence are critical to the long-term success and competitiveness of companies in a rapidly changing world.

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