Product configurator reduces the time of offer preparation at LUCAS from 2 days to 5 minutes

Interactive product configurator from CADENAS enables over 22,000 combinations from LUCAS linear axes for robotics

The French company LUCAS opted for the product configurator from CADENAS to automate their quote generation. The manufacturer of linear axes for robotics has reduced the time needed to generate quotes from 2 days down to 5 minutes.

LUCAS offers with its linear axes for robot technology to offer comprehensive toolbox for integrators of robotics: Ratio axes, linear modules with two, three and four axes as well as swings. LUCAS robots are used in many areas, e.g.: surface treatment, welding, packaging and commissioning, loading and unloading of machines as well as in the area of the aviation and automobile industry.

LUCAS - Toolbox for integrators of robotics

The assemblies of LUCAS are strongly modular and built with numerous variable properties. The primary goal therefore was to automate the preparation of offers. The preparing of an offer for a track is not easy. The axis can be linear or rotating and can be equipped either with one or two slides on which one or more robots are placed.

LUCAS was looking for a solution how to integrate its data into a product configurator. Furthermore, customers and prospectives should be offered the possibility to configure the track for themselves and determine the price for the configured component. Before the product configurator was introduced, offers had to be prepared manually after an engineer examined the inquiries. This process took an average of two days.

Product configurator with a suitable interface

CADENAS‘ product configurator is easy to use and yet has all the technical resources in the background. CADENAS meets exactly all the requirements of the manufacturer LUCAS: A user-friendly software solution to configure the floor track on the internet, prepare offers and provide the matching 3D CAD models, without the processor being dependent on information from the ERP system for each modification. “Even though the product configurator from CADENAS is set up in the background in a complex manner, using it is extremely easy for our customers and our sales staff. Less than one working day is needed to train our employees”, says Stéphane Lucas, Project Engineer - LUCAS FRANCE.

A configurator for highest demands

The product configurator developed by CADENAS combines various components, the final result of which is made up of the entire floor track and robot. There are more than 22,000 different combinations possible. The entire unit is thus configured very quickly. The price per meter and per slide can be calculated very quickly, thanks to the interface to the LUCAS ERP system, and so the offer is available almost instantaneously.

As soon as the configuration is completed, the integrators can download the 3D CAD models of the assemblies and integrate them into their design. Moreover, technical documents and assembly instructions are available for download. The product configurator is thus an indispensable tool to implement designs.

“The greatest advantage of our product configurator lies in the preparation of offers: What previously took us two days to complete can be done now in a matter of minutes”, says Stéphane Lucas, Project Engineer - LUCAS FRANCE.

More information about the case study of LUCAS FRANCE and CADENAS at: LUCAS FRANCE Success Story

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