Qosina launches its interactive catalog of 3D cad models built by CADENAS

Premium manufacturer of medical components extends outstanding online service with 3D CAD model downloads

Qosina extends its Online-Service with 3D CAD Models by CADENAS

Qosina launched its all-new, interactive catalog of 600 configurable 3D CAD models, built by CADENAS. The configurator enables customers to instantly download thousands of 3D component models directly from Qosina’s website.

Best known for its catalog of single-use OEM components, Qosina supplies essential products to medical and pharmaceutical companies and provides exceptional customer service: complimentary product samples, volume pricing, low minimum order requirements and just-in-time delivery. Qosina’s customer-friendly eCommerce website improves its customers’ online experience with instant, free 3D CAD downloads.

“From the end-user experience, the customer wants to get a head start modeling their design. They want to test form, fit and function. So, we’re really listening to our customers and delivering solutions for them,” said Qosina’s Director of Marketing and Product Development, Ken Wolcott.

Before launching the 3D model feature, Qosina’s customers often had to create custom CAD components themselves. Now, the interactive catalog solution streamlines the process for customers to download components and test them directly in their virtual design, speeding up the design process and ensuring accuracy.

“Engineers now have the ease and convenience of downloading the files themselves without having to take time out of their busy schedules to contact us. And it saves us the manpower of having to provide CAD models or prints on a one-by-one basis,” said Wolcott.

The interactive product catalog also makes it easy for Qosina’s customers to download the format they need for the part they are downloading. Customers can choose from over 100 file formats to download their component as a native CAD file or as an interactive 3D PDF Datasheet to share with non-CAD team members. And thanks to built-in metadata, all relevant data is included for future purchasing reference.

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