BIM World Munich 2023: Pioneering work in digital construction planning

CADENAS demonstrates advanced BIM integrations and expert knowledge

This year's BIM World Munich once again proved to be a complete success for CADENAS - both at the joint stand with ORCA/ and on stage. The event served as an important platform to demonstrate the public's increased interest in high-quality data and to consolidate CADENAS' leading role in this area.

Challenges and solutions in the planning phase

A central theme of the trade fair was the ongoing challenge for planners of often having to draw their own data, which leads to a high degree of frustration and unnecessarily lengthens work processes. This is where CADENAS presented its advanced integrations with various BIM systems, which were extremely well received by attendees. These innovations show how the planning process can be simplified and made more efficient.

Growth in the PRE-FAB sector

Another important aspect of the trade fair was the potential for BIM to be activated among prefabricated house builders, module builders and the entire PRE-FAB market. This underlines the increasing relevance of BIM technology in the construction industry and confirms CADENAS' strategic focus in this sector.

Future-oriented trends and outlook

It also became clear that manufacturers across all sectors are recognizing the trend and are planning to take off with increased BIM initiatives in 2024. The need to generate and publish their own BIM data is growing throughout the industry. CADENAS is positioning itself as a leading key partner and innovator in this area in order to support and drive forward the development of the sector.

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