Automatic creation of Revit families on 3Dfindit

A new feature on the platform 3Dfindit allows users to generate components as entire families for the BIM software Autodesk Revit

The software house CADENAS simplifies the creation and subsequent use of intelligent product data by allowing users to download components in several variants as native Revit families from the online portal 3Dfindit.

Designers can configure numerous parts individually for their building design on 3Dfindit and then download them free of charge as BIM-capable files to continue working with them in their CAD software. For designers using Autodesk Revit 2019 or a newer version, CADENAS now has good news.

Family matters

As usual, users select a component group online that meets the requirements of their design. What is new is that they can then automatically download the configured part in the different variants (e.g. sizes), each including all information relevant to planning.

If a component does not fit exactly into the design in the BIM software or a change is made to the design, planners can now replace this part directly in Revit with any other product belonging to the same Revit family.

The video shows step by step how to download entire Revit families.

Users can immediately continue working with all components from the Revit family. This is practical and saves a lot of effort and time in the planning process, because designers do not have to search for alternative components and download them again. Instead, they select the appropriate modification from the already downloaded family in the planning program.

Steadily growing supply

The function, which is an addition to the already known plug-in solution from CADENAS, has already been available since March 2023 for the parts of some, specially prepared manufacturer catalogs. In order to extend the new feature to other components, CADENAS is successively revising the product data on 3Dfindit in cooperation with the individual manufacturers.

Would you like to know whether your products are also suitable for download within a Revit family?

Then please turn to your CADENAS contact person or write to us at so we can check your obligation.

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