ROYME with CAD model distribution: added value for customers globally

ROYME simplifies product selection and purchasing process with digital catalog powered by CADENAS

ROYME is a leading mold company with long experience in the international market. Customer satisfaction and service excellence are at the core of its mission, which is why the company has several delegations and sales representatives throughout the country, as well as an extensive network of international employees. ROYME constantly strives to innovate and offer global services that provide added value to its clients.

Through Digital Transformation, ROYME has integrated the full capabilities of CADENAS on its website, enabling customers to download CAD data quickly and easily. The CADENAS platform has simplified the data distribution process, giving customers the ability to quickly find the component they need. In addition, each product has a detailed 3D preview and extensive metadata, ensuring accurate and precise product selection.

Currently, there are two product families on the ROYME platform:

  • Springs, where a wide range of gas springs and cylinders has been added for the mold and die industry
  • Die Guiding, where users can find an extensive catalog of bushings, ball cages, pillars, and more

The integration of CAD models on ROYME's website has also opened up new opportunities in the international market. In fact, the availability of CAD models in more than 120 native formats simplifies the selection and purchasing process for customers worldwide. The CADENAS platform makes it possible to distribute CAD models in different languages and formats, enabling ROYME to reach an increasingly broad and diverse customer base.

In addition, thanks to the availability of CAD models, international customers can view products in detail and accuracy without the need to physically visit the company. This allows ROYME to increase its visibility and reach new customers in distant countries where the company was not yet present.

International users can also download CAD models for free and import them directly into their design software, simplifying the design and manufacturing process. This saves customers around the world time and money, improving the efficiency of their production process.

As Tamara Lopez says, "The CADENAS platform has enabled ROYME to establish itself even better in the market, giving its brand more visibility and making it closer to its customers. Thanks to the platform's many useful search functions, customers can quickly find the component they need. Each product has a detailed 3D preview and extensive metadata. This allows engineers and buyers to ensure that the product fits the specific application perfectly and thus avoid errors, consequently streamlining the entire process."

Royme's catalog is available here.

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