Scame Parre revolutionizes e-mobility thanks to digital twins

Scame accelerates digital transformation with 3D CAD product catalog powered by CADENAS

Scame Parre S.p.A., a manufacturer of components and systems for energy distribution in the domestic, industrial and e-mobility sectors, celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2023 with a complete rebranding of its corporate image. This transformation was underlined by a rebranding that introduced a new logo, whose statement "feeling connected" represents a promise and a commitment to the market. It emphasizes a deep understanding of customer needs and meeting them through innovative solutions.

To support this new vision, Scame chose CADENAS as its strategic partner. This decision was based on the reputation for reliability and the international standing that both companies enjoy.

One of the most important developments of this collaboration is the integration of the CADENAS platform, which enables Scame to provide installers and designers with the complete technical data of their charging stations for electric vehicles. This service offers CAD data in various formats, 3D models, data sheets and much more to facilitate planning processes and increase their efficiency.

The CADENAS digital catalog enables quick and easy configuration of charging stations according to the desired number and capacity of charging points. In addition, the product data can be downloaded in over 100 native and neutral CAD and BIM formats.

Architects and planners benefit from the new 3D CAD BIM models, which can be used to integrate charging stations into existing 3D designs with just a few clicks. This not only avoids errors in the planning phase, but also saves a considerable amount of time.

The project has seen initial success, with further expansions planned in the coming months, as Mirko Giuseppe Gotti, Digital Marketing Specialist at Scame, explains: "Thanks to the CADENAS platform, we have made the technical files of our charging stations for electric vehicles accessible to installers and planners by providing CAD drawings in various formats, 3D models, data sheets and much more of fundamental importance to facilitate and maximize planning activities. All with an unsurpassed level of user-friendliness. As confirmation of its effectiveness, we expect further expansion of released products in the coming months."

The development and implementation of a user-friendly and widespread charging infrastructure for electric cars is essential for a sustainable mobility future. The distribution of CAD data in this sense is a strategic decision that meets a clear market need that has so far hardly been covered by the limited existing digital offering.

With the launch of the CAD-BIM 3D product catalog powered by CADENAS for SCAME charging stations, the company is taking a significant step towards digital transformation and contributing to the realization of a more sustainable future with advanced technological solutions.

You can find the Scame Parre catalog here.

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