Schiedel expands its 3D BIM CAD data library by CADENAS in the sector of stove and heating systems

Schiedel product catalog is awarded the "Golden Catalog Seal"

Schiedel Produktkatalog erhält „Golden Catalog Seal“ Auszeichnung

Schiedel GmbH & Co. KG adds the 3D BIM engineering data of their energy-saving chimneys of the ABSOLUT series as well as the entire range of Kingfire stove and heating systems to their Electronic Product Catalog powered by CADENAS they have had since 2016. Architects and engineers can now configure and download even more products of the European market leader for chimney and flue gas systems at and add to their design in the respective CAD system.

Native 3D BIM CAD data for all architecture CAD systems
Native 3D BIM CAD data for all architecture CAD systems

Native 3D BIM CAD data for all architecture CAD systems

Civil engineers, planners and architects can access current data quicker and easier, regardless of time or location, to download or to select the suitable 3D BIM CAD models during a consultation. The data are available in numerous BIM and AEC CAD formats such as Autodesk Revit, Nemetschek Allplan and Grafisoft Archicad, for the respective CAD systems and uses. Web visualization in 3D with dimensioning is possible just as the usual view in 2D. An additional highlight allows designers to make use of the virtual reality function of the interactive product catalog. Architects and civil engineers can examine models in 3D by means of a cardboard viewer and a smartphone. The user's power of imagination is thus enhanced so as to better experience Schiedel products. "An efficient design process is especially important due to the custom-made, complex and highly technical products. This is where Schiedel offers perfect support – from the design and the 3D visualization of all components to their implementation," says Bernhard Zirnsak, Sales Manager Commercial Steel International and Sales Manager Stainless Steel Germany of Schiedel GmbH & Co KG.

In addition, users benefit from new configuration options when filtering: The product range, tailored to the respective country, is displayed for country classification – it becomes clear at a glance, which components are available and obtainable. "Not every component is automatically available for each country, because there are country-specific standards and orientations,” explains Herbert Pühringer, Technical Center Design Int., Schiedel GmbH. "This is why the filtering option according to country classifications is very helpful for our customers."

Schiedel product catalog is awarded the “Golden Catalog Seal” for outstanding customer service

Schiedel's Electronic Product Catalog received a special award this year: The Schiedel product catalog was awarded the "Golden Catalog Seal" by CADENAS for outstanding customer service.

Schiedel product catalog is awarded the “Golden Catalog Seal” for outstanding customer service
from the left: Benjamin Seitz of CADENAS, Herbert Pühringer of Schiedel, Stefan Riedelsheimer of CADENAS

CADENAS continuously awards those digital product catalogs that show extensive intelligent information, with the quality seal in gold, silver and bronze. The guidelines for the quality certification of CAD product catalogs was developed by CADENAS, together with its customers, to maintain a high quality of the 3D CAD catalogs. For example, the golden catalog seal requires the integration of a product configurator, automatic 2D dimensioning and product data in at least three languages.

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