Slim and stylish – get to a seamless integrated catalog with PARTcommunity embedded technology

Provide 3D CAD models for barrier-free downloads from your own website with PARTcommunity Embedded

There's a saying by Mark Twain "Clothes make the man: Naked people have little or no influence on society." This perfectly true aphorism can also be applied to the business world: The web presence makes the company. Therefore it is all the more important to create a web presence that makes a good impression, catches the attention of the visitor and shows the visitor what he needs to find. This is why a great number of manufacturers have already opted for the new PARTcommunity embedded technology. With this advancement in the field of electronic product catalogs the complete 3 D CAD download portal, based on CADENAS eCATALOGsolutions technology, is integrated into the website in the course of improving the web presence. Thus customers have direct access to all 3 D CAD data of the product catalog.

Zipatec website before and after integration of Embedded Technologie by CADENAS

A web presence as if cast from one mould due to embedded technology

The catalog is worldwide available to customers, engineers and prospective customers at any time. Without additional effort users can exactly define the necessary parts, configure products, generate interactive 3D views and eventually download the desired 3D CAD model directly and for free into the CAD developer environment.

When redesigning the website of zipatec Montagetechnik GmbH, the specialist for automation solutions in Southern Germany, the download area i.a. was completely revised this way and adjusted to customer requirements. Due to the seamless technology the complete product catalog now appears in the manufacturer's corporate design under the category "CAD data" – without complex programming. Thus the new web presence has a more precise user interface, matched to the target group and appears as if cast from one mould.

As experience shows the integrated solution of CADENAS 3D CAD download portal PARTcommunity increased the amount of possible downloads from the manufacturer's product catalog by an average of 33 %: The customer does not need to go to an external page to call up the CAD data but will find all information about the product clearly arranged on the manufacturer's website. On the basis of this technology it is also easily possible to create a shortcut to a web shop and seamlessly change from viewing to ordering the 3D CAD model.

Electronic product catalog by CADENAS

Professional redesign of the website by CADENAS

Redesigning the website is carried out by the media agency CANVAS, a 100 percent subsidiary of CADENAS. We recommend to setting up the complete system on the basis of the content management system Contao, which allows to create and maintain contents significantly better. However, the integration of the PARTcommunity technology is of course possible without changing the existing system.

Your product catalog as integrated CADENAS solution

The simplified access due to the PARTcommunity embedded solution and thus the improved download figures are available to every compenent manufacturer who runs a catalog with the eCATALOGsolutions technology.

You can visit the zipatech website under: For more information about the embedded technology, please write to

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