Start of applications for the ENGINEERING NEWCOMER

Together with several partners, CADENAS has launched a competition for young engineers with high prize money

Pupils and students can now apply with their designs as ENGINEERING NEWCOMER. It's worth taking part because CADENAS and norelem Normelemente will reward the three best submissions with a total of 7,500 euros for the participants in the competition and their educational institution. The closing date for entries is July 31, 2023.


Anyone who attends a university, technical college or college of applied sciences etc. with an educational focus on design or development can participate - teams can also take part.

Detailed terms of participation


As part of the competition, CADENAS and norelem, with the support of the Bundesarbeitskreis Fachschule Technik (BAK FST) and the software developers MDESIGN and Zuken, are looking for Germany's Next Top Engineer. In 2023, the ENGINEERING NEWCOMER will take place for the tenth time to promote design engineers in the making.

How does the competition work?

Young talents can register online and upload their designs along with the project description by July 31, 2023. A jury of experts will then evaluate all the entries and select the best ideas. The first three places are endowed with prize money totalling 7,500 euros for both the participants and their educational institutions. In addition, norelem will provide the winner with all the necessary components to realise the idea.

The award ceremony of the ENGINEERING NEWCOMER will take place on October 11, 2023 during the International Trade Fair Motek in Stuttgart at the norelem booth.

Are you a high flyer?

All junior engineers will receive a certificate that they have participated in the prestigious competition for the title ENGINEERING NEWCOMER 2023. So there are only winners: Even if your design doesn't make it into the top three, you'll still upgrade your CV and make valuable contacts in the industry. So register now!

You find components for your design on 3Dfindit.

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