Advertising without losses on 3Dfindit

New advertising options allow component manufacturers to target 3Dfindit users directly and to filter them by industries or interests

Around 300,000 users download CAD, CAE and BIM data via 3Dfindit every month. This means approximately 300,000 designers search monthly for components on the portal. In other words: 3Dfindit is perfectly suited as an advertising platform for parts manufacturers. Users first download 3D CAD models free of charge and then order the physical components from the manufacturer for a fee.

3Dfindit Inbox Mailing

Manufacturers who make their products available as digital data sets on 3Dfindit already benefit from high visibility in their target group. With the 3Dfindit Inbox Mailing, they generate additional attention for their brand among users and effectively stand out from the competition:

  • When logging in to 3Dfindit, users are alerted to a new notification in their inbox

  • The component manufacturer is free to determine the content, structure and style of the inbox mailing

  • Links, pictures and videos provide information about products, companies, events and much more

  • Readers can request further documentation from the manufacturer by clicking on "More info"

  • Producers receive the information on each user who wants to be contacted

Users who log in to 3Dfindit have a need for components and are already actively in search – the Inbox Mailing takes them by the hand.

Target Inbox Mailing: less is more

For manufacturers who pursue an advertising strategy without a shotgun approach, there is now the new Target Inbox Mailing. This allows them to filter precisely by domains, sectors or industries in order to narrow down their target group. While targeted online advertising on other platforms is a difficult undertaking, the exact selection of the right target group on 3Dfindit is very simple. Component manufacturers receive important key data on the selected filters in advance so that they can address recipients as precisely as possible. This minimises losses and advertising measures on the download portal promise greater success.

Test now how effective the Inbox Mailing and Target Inbox Mailing are. For further information, please contact

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