The AMF media library as sales tool

The right media at the right time with solutions by CADENAS

Sales processes are, more than ever, depending on the right use of new media. In the course of the Industry Forum 2014, Völker Göpel, CEO of AMF, presented how media use for customers and sales is controlled in his company.

Innovative solutions for customer service

AMF App powered by CADENAS

The Andreas Maier GmbH & Co. KG in Fellbach, abbreviated AMF, is one of the most innovative companies in the field of camping systems and quick-change systems that function as interface between the machine table and the work station fixutre. Every year the company lauches a multitude of new products on the market aimed at reducing set-up times and finding an individually suitable solution for the customer. In addition, AMF offers service which includes not only providing these products but also a complete analysis of the manufacturing situation at the customer and afterwards creating an end-to-end solution. This service solution, innovative for this industry, is supported by numerous technical systems for customers and service - especially by the electronic product catalog app and since 2013 the AMF media library APP by CADENAS.

The media library as comprehensive tool for exterior use

AMF-WEB-APP powered by CADENASBy means of the AMF media library, this access is extended to text documents, videos, pictures and PDFs within the mobile application. This way AMF can store the suitable documentation, instructions and application examples to the respective components. By combining a cloud supported synchronization with local storage on the device, the employees always have access to the newest data even if the access to the network should not be available. The data is stored on the PARTcommunity servers which also manage the electronic product catalogs.
Volker Göbel says: The AMF media library ensures that each sales employee has access to the same contents and data which are always up-to-date. Languages are also stored, thus employees e.g. in India and Germany can work with the same tool. For these defined documents, pictures and videos etc. are available to everyone. Eventually the complete package needed by the sales department is included."

The selection of the tools is decisive

On behalf of hardware it is necessary to create clear rules for using mobile devices with a device management system. This includes a uniform selection of the operating system in use, whether employees are allowed to bring their own device (BYOD Bring Your Own Device) and how the systems are protected from unauthorized access. Additionally AMF is constantly training their staff, so they are able to use the tools in the best way. Thus the sales employees are not only learning how to efficiently use the numerous functions of the CADENAS apps but also which options are suitable for the needs of the customers.

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