18 Tips from industrial marketers for industrial marketers

eBook gives inspiration on how marketing experts can unleash the full potential of their business

E-Book gibt Inspirationen, wie Marketingprofis das volle Potential ihres Unternehmens freisetzen können

Industrial marketers have a lot on their plate: content marketing strategies, KPIs, email automation, social media, sales enablement… The list goes on.

As the products are very technical, it is often assumed that B2B marketing for industrial companies would have to be purely functional and objective and therefore offers little scope for creative strategies. But that is not the case!

The eBook '18 Tips From Real Industrial Marketers' shows that there is a lot of hidden potential in industrial B2B marketing. Fourteen experts from manufacturers and marketing companies the industrial sphere share their #1 piece of advice for 2020. They set new impulses, present strategies for customer acquisition and customer retention and give new food for thought.

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