Together we are strong: CADENAS supports local gastronomy in difficult times

New CADENAS campaign for more solidarity: CEO sponsors lunch for employees & helps local restaurants to get more delivery orders

Special times require special ideas: Therefore CADENAS as "The Innovation Company" starts a campaign to support the local economy and especially the gastronomy in a special way in the current difficult times. Since the end of March, CADENAS has been offering a delicious lunch to all employees who are holding down the fort at CADENAS headquarters on Berliner Allee. This lunch is purchased from local restaurants, which, due to the current situation, offer to deliver their meals. And the best thing about it: The entire costs for this will be covered by CADENAS GmbH.

Setting a sign of solidarity

CADENAS Managing Director Jürgen Heimbach reveals what is behind the campaign: "Many industries, such as the catering trade, are currently particularly hard hit by the current social restrictions. Often the loss of use even leads to existential concerns. As an Augsburg-based company, we see it as our social responsibility to help others. As a sign of solidarity, we support restaurants in Augsburg that are still open by making active use of their lunch delivery service. After all, we would like to preserve the gastronomic diversity in Augsburg, which we have always enjoyed before.

Positive effects on team dynamics

In addition to supporting the catering trade, the campaign also has other very positive effects: "Of course, with the free lunch we also want to show our employees that we value them. Right now, despite the difficult circumstances, the whole team is highly motivated and everyone is pitching in. No one is resting or leaning back, everyone is doing their part to ensure that CADENAS remains successful. It is really impressive to observe this dynamic", Jürgen Heimbach is pleased to say. "The sponsored lunch for all those who keep the flag flying in the headquarters office is also intended as a small token of gratitude”. As a software company, CADENAS naturally still pays attention to the containment of infections. “With us, the entire team has the opportunity to decide for themselves in mutual consultation whether they would like to continue working from home for the innovative software solutions or whether they would prefer to continue working in the office with the specified safety distance. In this way we can best meet the individual needs".

Further companies are to join

The new CADENAS campaign and the associated local initiative is intended to serve as a model for other companies both in the Augsburg area and throughout Germany: "Currently, many private individuals, associations and companies in Germany are involved, for example, under the hashtags #‎Augsburghilftsich‬ und ‪#‎wirhaltenzusammen‬. This is exactly where we would like to make our contribution and hope that as many companies as possible will follow our example and thus actively support the local economy. After all, it is precisely in times of crisis that each individual can do good that we as a society can get through these times well," emphasizes Jürgen Heimbach.

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