Together with CADENAS, Würth meets BIM requirements perfectly

Extension of the existing Electronic Product Catalog for architecture, furniture manufacture and woodworking

Since the end of August, customers of Adolf Würth have been able to download, configure and integrate into their design various additional 3D engineering data from the sectors of furniture manufacture and woodworking via the already existing Electronic Product Catalog in 100 native formats – including numerous common BIM formats such as Autodesk Revit, Nemetschek Allplan and GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD.

Since the end of August, Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG has been able to download various 3D engineering data from the range of furniture fittings in the field of furniture construction and wood crafts.
Würth und Grass

Thanks to the extension of their Electronic Product Catalog, fittings for furniture making have been made available for download along with the product lines of drawer frame systems, drawer guide systems, furniture hinge systems, flap systems and suspension fittings.

The products are provided by the 100% Würth subsidiary Grass from Austria. Grass has belonged to the Würth Group since 2004 and is a pioneer for handle-less furniture design.

With the expansion of the Electronic Product Catalog, fittings for furniture construction are available for download.

"With the catalog extensions we can meet the exact requirements and needs of our customers," explains Dirk Hofacker, Product Area Director for fittings at Adolf Würth. "We already have an Electronic Product Catalog but received several customer requests for woodworking, and so we turned to CADENAS again. We especially appreciate the communication, implementation and straightforward way CADENAS works." Though the Würth brand is well known, this particular product range was previously not present in the Electronic Product Catalog, now the company hopes for customer growth in the area of fittings as well as greater visibility for Würth products on the market.

Würth product catalog becomes a part of and offers maximum comfort for Revit users

With the catalog extension, Würth is not only represented on the 3D CAD models download portal PARTcommunity, but they are also on, the portal for architects, planners, designers, etc. for 3D BIM CAD data.

Thanks to the new content plugins, Würth and its customers benefit from the new deep integration in Autodesk Revit. By the consistent linking of BIM objects in Revit with the original manufacturer data of the product catalog, they are always kept up to date. If the manufacturer modifies product information in the Electronic Product Catalog, those modifications are automatically taken over in the existing designs in Revit as well.

Free BIM CAD engineering data for architects, civil engineers and planners von CADENAS is based on eCATALOGsolutions technology, which has successfully been in use in the sectors of mechanical, plant and electrical engineering for over 20 years now.

BIM data is thus represented on more than 80 vertical marketplaces, portals and social communities. Moreover, a 3D BIM CAD product catalog has the potential to be used in over 100,000 companies by more than 15,000,000 architects, civil engineers, HVAC specialists, mechanical engineers, plant manufacturers and electrical engineers.

The 3D BIM CAD data of the catalog extension of Würth can be found at:

The entire sortiment of 3D BIM CAD data from Würth can be found at:

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